Commit 16812893 authored by sds's avatar sds
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do-entry: improve output formatting

parent 77e504f9
......@@ -279,19 +279,16 @@
(when (pend entry)
(let ((*print-circle* *print-circle-on-failure*))
(format s "~&Test ~:@(~S~) failed~
~%Form: ~S~
~%Expected value~P: ~
*test* (form entry)
(length (vals entry))
(vals entry))
(format s "~&Test ~:@(~S~) failed~%Form: ~S~%Expected value~P:~%"
*test* (form entry) (length (vals entry)))
(dolist (v (vals entry)) (format s "~10t~S~%" v))
(let ((st (format nil "Actual value~P: ~
(length r) r)))
(format s "~A" st))
(error () (format s "Actual value: #<error during printing>~%")))
(format s "Actual value~P:~%" (length r))
(dolist (v r)
(format s "~10t~S~:[~; [~2:*~A]~]~%"
v (typep v 'condition))))
(error () (format s "Actual value: #<error during printing>~%")))
(finish-output s)))))
(when (not (pend entry)) *test*))
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