Commit 4609b7d5 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz

Added a couple of extended-char tests.

parent f2fd091c
...@@ -111,12 +111,27 @@ ...@@ -111,12 +111,27 @@
(subtypep* 'simple-bit-vector 'simple-vector) (subtypep* 'simple-bit-vector 'simple-vector)
nil t) nil t)
;;; Extended characters
(deftest subtypep.extended-char.1 (deftest subtypep.extended-char.1
(if (subtypep* 'character 'base-char) (if (subtypep* 'character 'base-char)
(subtypep* 'extended-char nil) (subtypep* 'extended-char nil)
(values t t)) (values t t))
t t) t t)
(deftest subtypep.extended-char.2
(if (subtypep* 'extended-char nil)
(subtypep* 'character 'base-char)
(values t t))
t t)
(deftest subtypep.extended-char.3
(check-equivalence 'extended-char '(and character (not base-char)))
;;; Some and, or combinations
(deftest subtypep.and/or.1 (deftest subtypep.and/or.1
(check-equivalence (check-equivalence
'(and (or symbol (integer 0 15)) '(and (or symbol (integer 0 15))
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