Commit 5821da4d authored by Marius Gerbershagen's avatar Marius Gerbershagen
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sharpsign colon reader: add test for package prefix in uninterned symbol

parent 7183010a
......@@ -419,7 +419,18 @@
(def-syntax-unintern-test "NIL")
(def-syntax-unintern-test "T")
(def-syntax-unintern-test ".")
;;; Uninterned symbols must not contain a package prefix (see CLHS
(signals-error (read-from-string "#:a:b") reader-error)
(let ((s (read-from-string "#:|a:b|")))
(values (symbol-package s) (symbol-name s)))
nil "a:b")
(let ((s (read-from-string "#:a\\:b")))
(values (symbol-package s) (symbol-name s)))
nil "A:B")
;;; Tests of #.
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