Commit 5fd5a6db authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Add :catch-errors, :compile keyword args to do-test, do-tests,...

Add :catch-errors, :compile keyword args to do-test, do-tests, do-extended-tests.  Make out parameter of do-tests be a keyword arg.
parent 505d2bba
......@@ -168,7 +168,10 @@
(t (apply #'warn args)))
(defun do-test (&optional (name *test*))
(defun do-test (&optional (name *test*)
((:catch-errors *catch-errors*) *catch-errors*)
((:compile *compile-tests*) *compile-tests*))
#-sbcl (do-entry (get-entry name))
#+sbcl (handler-bind ((sb-ext:code-deletion-note #'muffle-warning))
(do-entry (get-entry name))))
......@@ -321,8 +324,9 @@
(throw '*in-test* nil)
(do-entries *standard-output*)))
(defun do-tests (&optional
(out *standard-output*))
(defun do-tests (&key (out *standard-output*)
((:catch-errors *catch-errors*) *catch-errors*)
((:compile *compile-tests*) *compile-tests*))
(setq *failed-tests* nil
*passed-tests* nil)
(dolist (entry (cdr *entries*))
......@@ -407,3 +411,19 @@
(unless note (error "~A is not a note or note name." n))
(setf (note-disabled note) nil)
;;; Extended random regression
(defun do-extended-tests (&key (tests *passed-tests*) (count nil)
((:catch-errors *catch-errors*) *catch-errors*)
((:compile *compile-tests*) *compile-tests*))
"Execute randomly chosen tests from TESTS until one fails or until
COUNT is an integer and that many tests have been executed."
(let ((test-vector (coerce tests 'simple-vector)))
(let ((n (length test-vector)))
(when (= n 0) (error "Must provide at least one test."))
(loop for i from 0
for name = (svref test-vector (random n))
until (eql i count)
do (print name)
unless (do-test name) return (values name (1+ i))))))
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