Commit 8f43b508 authored by Marius Gerbershagen's avatar Marius Gerbershagen
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Compile tests in batches when *compile-tests* is true

Results in big performance gains for implementations such as ECL
that have a large overhead for compilation of single functions.
parent 5c4504cc
......@@ -46,6 +46,10 @@
(defvar *compile-tests* nil "When true, compile the tests before running them.")
(defvar *expanded-eval* nil "When true, convert the tests into a form that is less likely to have compiler optimizations.")
(defvar *optimization-settings* '((safety 3)))
(defvar *compile-batch-size*
#+ecl 512
#-ecl 16
"Number of tests to compile at the same time.")
(defvar *failed-tests* nil "After DO-TESTS, becomes the list of names of tests that have failed")
(defvar *passed-tests* nil "After DO-TESTS, becomes the list of names of tests that have passed")
......@@ -63,7 +67,7 @@
"A mapping from names of notes to note objects.")
(defstruct (entry (:conc-name nil))
pend name props form vals)
pend name props form test-function vals)
;;; Note objects are used to attach information to tests.
;;; A typical use is to mark tests that depend on a particular
......@@ -232,6 +236,24 @@
(equal x y))
(t (eql x y))))
(defun compile* (lambda-expr &optional do-not-muffle-warnings)
(if do-not-muffle-warnings
(compile nil lambda-expr)
((style-warning #'(lambda (c) (muffle-warning c))))
;; redirecting *error-output* is the best way to get rid of
;; annoying output from the compiler
(let ((*error-output* (make-broadcast-stream)))
(compile nil lambda-expr)))))
(defun compile-test-function (entry)
(or (test-function entry)
(setf (test-function entry)
(compile* `(lambda ()
(declare (optimize ,@*optimization-settings*))
,(form entry))
(has-note entry :do-not-muffle-warnings)))))
(defun do-entry (entry &optional
(s *standard-output*))
(catch '*in-test*
......@@ -255,12 +277,7 @@
(funcall (compile
`(lambda ()
(optimize ,@*optimization-settings*))
,(form entry))))))
(funcall (compile-test-function entry))))
(expanded-eval (form entry))))
......@@ -269,15 +286,15 @@
(eval (form entry))))))))
(if *catch-errors*
(#-ecl (style-warning #'(lambda (c) (if (has-note entry :do-not-muffle-warnings)
(muffle-warning c))))
(error #'(lambda (c)
(setf aborted t)
(setf r (list c))
(return-from aborted nil))))
((style-warning #'(lambda (c) (if (has-note entry :do-not-muffle-warnings)
(muffle-warning c))))
(error #'(lambda (c)
(setf aborted t)
(setf r (list c))
(return-from aborted nil))))
(setf (pend entry)
(or aborted
......@@ -352,12 +369,59 @@
(stream out :direction :output)
(do-entries stream))))
(defun compile-entries (stream entries &optional
(number-of-entries (length entries))
(batch-size (min number-of-entries *compile-batch-size*))
"Compile all test functions in batches"
(do ((remaining-entries entries (nthcdr batch-size remaining-entries))
(remaining-number-of-entries number-of-entries (- remaining-number-of-entries batch-size))
(body nil nil))
((or (null remaining-entries) (<= remaining-number-of-entries 0)))
(unless (or silent
(let ((processed-number-of-entries
(- number-of-entries remaining-number-of-entries)))
;; only output the message every 1024 entries
(= (ceiling processed-number-of-entries 1024)
(ceiling (+ processed-number-of-entries batch-size)
(format stream "~&~A of ~A tests remaining to be compiled.~%"
remaining-number-of-entries number-of-entries))
(do ((n 0 (1+ n))
(current-entries remaining-entries (rest current-entries)))
((or (null current-entries) (>= n batch-size)
(>= n remaining-number-of-entries)))
(let ((entry (first current-entries)))
(unless (has-note entry :do-not-muffle-warnings)
(push `(setf (test-function ,entry)
(lambda ()
(declare (optimize ,@*optimization-settings*))
,(form entry)))
(multiple-value-bind (function warnings-p failure-p)
(compile* `(lambda () ,@body))
(warning () (values nil t t))
(error () (values nil t t)))
(declare (ignore warnings-p))
(if (not failure-p)
(funcall function)
(if (= batch-size 1)
(format stream "~&Cannot compile test function for entry ~A.~%"
(name (first remaining-entries)))
;; Something went wrong, try to narrow down where
(compile-entries stream remaining-entries
batch-size (floor batch-size 2)
(defun do-entries (s)
(format s "~&Doing ~A pending test~:P ~
of ~A tests total.~%"
(count t (the list (cdr *entries*)) :key #'pend)
(length (cdr *entries*)))
(finish-output s)
(when *compile-tests*
(compile-entries s (cdr *entries*)))
(dolist (entry (cdr *entries*))
(when (and (pend entry)
(not (has-disabled-note entry)))
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