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Comment FORMAT.F.45

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......@@ -535,8 +535,26 @@
collect (list i c f1 s1 s2))
;;; Rationale for FORMAT.F.45: CLHS states that "d is the number of
;;; digits to print after the decimal point;" AND that the number is printed
;;; "rounded to d fractional digits".
;;; If we want to print 1.1 in a field of width 0, then we compute D to be W,
;;; minus the number of digits to be printed before the decimal point, minus 1
;;; for the decimal point. So, in this case, D = W - 1 - 1 = 0.
;;; This means that we must print exactly 0 digits after the decimal point and
;;; that we must round the number to 0 fractional digits. The latter is doable
;;; and we round 1.1 to 1.0, BUT the first contradicts the first paragraph of
;;; which states, "arg is printed as a float". "1." is not a float in
;;; Common Lisp, since it is read as the integer 1 in base 10.
;;; Therefore, in order to work around this corner case, we explicitly print one
;;; decimal digit so that the resulting number is recognizable as a float. Since
;;; the number was rounded to 0 decimal digits, then this digit is 0. This way,
;;; we get "1." concatenated with "0" that gives us "1.0".
(def-format-test format.f.45
"~2f" (1.1) "1.0")
"~2f ~2f" (1.1 1.9) "1.0 2.0")
(def-format-test format.f.45b
"~3f" (1.1) "1.1")
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