Commit aa555878 authored by Marius Gerbershagen's avatar Marius Gerbershagen
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Add test for numbers without digits

ECL 16.1.3 incorrectly reads -. or +. as the number 0, while CLHS
section 2.3.1 mandates that all numbers must contain at least one
parent 7183010a
......@@ -59,6 +59,11 @@
(list (list type s n)))))
;;; All numbers must contain at least one digit (see CLHS 2.3.1)
(def-syntax-test syntax.number-token.5
(values (eql (read-from-string "-.") (intern "-."))
(eql (read-from-string "+.") (intern "+.")))
t t)
;;; Dot tokens
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