Commit b5316f08 authored by Michał Herda's avatar Michał Herda 🤔
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Fix upgraded-array-element-type.lsp

The comment in 1b8a8157 was not formatted properly and broke the build.
parent 5eeb6e31
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@
;;; Test of upgrading NIL (it should be type equivalent to NIL).
;;; This follows from:
;;; (1) T1 being a subtype of T2 implies UAET(T1) is a subtype of UAET(T2)
(see section, paragraph 3),
;;; (see section, paragraph 3),
;;; (2) UAET(BIT) being BIT,
;;; NIL is a subtype of BIT and CHARACTER, so UAET(NIL) must also be. But the
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