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;-*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;;; Author: Paul Dietz
;;;; Created: Sun Jun 8 06:56:15 2003
;;;; Contains: Aux. functions and macros used for randomization
(in-package :cl-test)
(defun random-from-seq (seq)
"Generate a random member of a sequence."
(let ((len (length seq)))
(assert (> len 0))
(elt seq (random len))))
(defmacro random-case (&body cases)
(let ((len (length cases)))
(assert (> len 0))
`(case (random ,len)
,@(loop for i from 0 for e in cases collect `(,i ,e))
(t (error "Can't happen?! (in random-case)~%")))))
(defmacro rcase (&body cases)
"Usage: (RCASE (<weight> <form>+)+), where <weight> is a positive real
indicating the relative probability of executing the associated implicit
(assert cases)
(let* ((weights (mapcar #'car cases))
(cumulative-weights (let ((sum 0))
(loop for w in weights collect (incf sum w))))
(total (car (last cumulative-weights)))
(r (gensym)))
(assert (every #'plusp weights))
`(let ((,r (random ,total)))
,@(loop for case in (butlast cases)
for cw in cumulative-weights
collect `((< ,r ,cw) ,@(cdr case)))
(t ,@(cdar (last cases)))))))
(defun random-nonnegative-real ()
(if (coin 3)
(/ (random 10000) (1+ (random 1000)))
(/ (random 1000000) (1+ (random 100000)))
(/ (random 100000000) (1+ (random 10000000)))
(/ (random 1000000000000) (1+ (random 10000000))))
(random (random-case
(expt 2.0s0 (random 15))
(expt 2.0f0 (random 32))
(expt 2.0d0 (random 32))
(expt 2.0l0 (random 32))))))
(defun random-real ()
(if (coin) (random-nonnegative-real)
(- (random-nonnegative-real))))
(defun random-fixnum ()
(+ (random (1+ (- most-positive-fixnum most-negative-fixnum)))
(defun random-from-interval (upper &optional (lower (- upper)))
(+ (random (- upper lower)) lower))
(defun coin (&optional (n 2))
"Flip an n-sided coin."
(eql (random n) 0))
;;; Randomly permute a sequence
(defun random-permute (seq)
(setq seq (copy-seq seq))
(let ((len (length seq)))
(loop for i from len downto 2
do (let ((r (random i)))
(rotatef (elt seq r) (elt seq (1- i))))))
(defun binomial-distribution-test (n fn)
(let* ((count (loop repeat n count (funcall fn)))
(sigma (/ (sqrt n) 2.0))
(bound (* sigma 6))
(expected (/ n 2.0)))
(<= (- expected bound)
(+ expected bound))))
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