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......@@ -39,11 +39,35 @@ the performance of all aspects of an implementation. Remember that the
only real benchmark is your application: this code is only
representative of real-life programs to a limited extent.
Running the suite
Put cl-bench directory in the asdf:*central-registry* or link it in
~/quicklisp/local-projects/ directory and load the CL-BENCH. CL-BENCH
depends on the ALEXANDRIA and TRIVIAL-GARBAGE libraries, while
CL-BENCH/REPORT depends additionally on CL-WHO.
(ql:quickload 'cl-bench)
Benchmark results will be in the output/ directory in the CL-BENCH
source tree directory.
Generating reports
To generate reports after running the tests on various
implementations, issue the following:
(ql:quickload 'cl-bench/report)
Benchmarks report will be generated to the output/report.html file in
the CL-BENCH source tree directory.
Running the suite (obsolete)
Each implementation has a run-<impl>.sh file, and a setup-<impl>.lisp
file in the sysdep directory. To execute the test for CMUCL, for
exampe, type
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