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    Relocate definition, optional arguments, nonlinear least squares streamline · 42cf5a7b
    Liam Healy authored
    Moved gsl-mfunction, def-mfunction, and gsl-mfunction-fdf from
    roots-multi.lisp to generic.lisp because they are common to several
    files in the solve-minimize-fit module.  Made arguments default
    instead of required in #'linear-mfit, linear-mfit-svd,
    weighted-linear-mfit, weighted-linear-mfit-svd.  Most of these do not
    have examples, so untested.  This required new functions
    #'default-covariance, #'default-lls-workspace.  Renamed examples to
    #'linear-least-squares-univariate-example and
    #'linear-least-squares-multivariate-example, and changed to
    'print-details.  Revised definitions in nonlinear least squares to
    streamline data flow; there is no setup function or global
    pre-declaration of the number of parameters or observations required
    anymore.  The example function now called
    nonlinear-least-squares-example will take the number of observations
    and the fitter method as optional arguments.
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