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    New functions to parse :callbacks argument · b07e9299
    Liam Healy authored
    New functions 
    work on the :callbacks argument.  The first one parses the whole
    argument.  The second one parses a particular function specification
    from :callbacks.  The third one parses a particular argument of a
    particular function.  When given 'dimensions, this function supplies
    all the dimensions, and #'defmcallback expands to make a list of the
    arguments.  Then call-maybe-scalar passes these on to array-to-list,
    which currently only handles a vector.  These are now used in
    #'make-defmcallbacks and #'defmcallbacks.  Both
    monte-carlo-integrate-plain and integration-QNG compile and run
    correctly.  I have eliminated the old defmcallback and supporting
    definitions to clean up the file.
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