Commit 2557a24b authored by Liam Healy's avatar Liam Healy

Port BLAS3 to ffa, with changes to BLAS2

Port of all BLAS3 to ffa, which also means changing BLAS2 because
common generic functions are used.  These compile but are not tested,
and there are no regression tests/examples.
parent cf91e4d5
;; Definition of GSLL system
;; Liam Healy
;; Time-stamp: <2008-08-06 22:41:57EDT gsll.asd>
;; Time-stamp: <2008-08-10 17:01:08EDT gsll.asd>
;; $Id$
(asdf:defsystem "gsll"
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@
((:file "blas1")
(:file "blas2")
;(:file "blas3" :depends-on (blas2))
(:file "blas3" :depends-on (blas2))
;(:file "lu")
;(:file "qr")
;(:file "qrpt")
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This diff is collapsed.
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