Commit 296feb06 authored by Liam Healy's avatar Liam Healy

New function #'expand-defmfun-body

Extract new function #'expand-defmfun-body from
#'expand-defmfun-plain, then define the latter in terms of the former,
with the idea that it will be easier to define other forms (defmethod,
:method by calling this new function separately.  GSLL compiles with
the new function.
parent ef8f5ab0
;; Macro for defining GSL functions.
;; Liam Healy 2008-04-16 20:49:50EDT defmfun.lisp
;; Time-stamp: <2008-08-12 21:17:05EDT defmfun.lisp>
;; Time-stamp: <2008-08-17 15:37:37EDT defmfun.lisp>
;; $Id$
(in-package :gsl)
......@@ -469,22 +469,37 @@
(defun expand-defmfun-plain (name arglist gsl-name c-arguments key-args)
"The main function for expansion of defmfun."
"Expansion of defmfun as an ordinary (non-generic) function with
only required arguments."
(with-defmfun-key-args key-args
(let* ((carg-symbs (c-arguments c-arguments))
(clargs (or arglist carg-symbs))
(arglist-symbs (arglist-plain-and-categories arglist nil))
(cret-type (if (member c-return *special-c-return*)
,@(when (and name (not (defgeneric-method-p name)))
(list name))
,(if global
(append arglist (cons '&aux global))
(cl-argument-types arglist c-arguments)
(set-difference (arglist-plain-and-categories arglist nil)
(c-arguments c-arguments)))
,@(when documentation (list documentation))
,@(expand-defmfun-body name arglist gsl-name c-arguments key-args))))
(defun expand-defmfun-body (name arglist gsl-name c-arguments key-args)
"Expand the body (computational part) of the defmfun."
(with-defmfun-key-args key-args
(let* ((cret-type (if (member c-return *special-c-return*)
(if (listp c-return) (st-type c-return) c-return)))
(if (listp c-return) (st-symbol c-return) (make-symbol "CRETURN")))
(complex-args (complex-scalars clargs c-arguments))
(complex-args (complex-scalars arglist c-arguments))
(allocated ; Foreign objects to be allocated
(lambda (s)
(or (member s arglist-symbs) (member s global :key #'first)))
(or (member s (arglist-plain-and-categories arglist nil))
(member s global :key #'first)))
(c-arguments c-arguments)))
......@@ -495,18 +510,8 @@
(mapcan #'cl-convert-form allocated-decl)
(unless (eq c-return :void)
(list cret-name))))
(clargs-types (cl-argument-types clargs c-arguments)))
,@(when (and name (not (defgeneric-method-p name)))
(list name))
,(if global
(append clargs (cons '&aux global))
clargs-types (set-difference arglist-symbs carg-symbs))
,@(when documentation (list documentation))
(,@(if (or allocated-decl complex-args)
(list cret-name)))))
`((,@(if (or allocated-decl complex-args)
,(mapcar #'wfo-declare
(append allocated-decl
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