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Examples for fft added

The example shows real, complex, radix-2 and mixed-radix FFTs. It can be used
in the unit-test framework, but is not properly generated yet.
parent 1d49be88
;; Example FFT: transform a pulse
;; Sumant Oemrawsingh, Sat Oct 31 2009 - 15:31
;;; Here is an example program modelled after the example given in Section
;;; 15.3 of the GSL Manual, which computes the FFT of a short pulse. To make
;;; the resulting fourier transform real the pulse is defined for equal
;;; positive and negative times (-10 ... 10), where the negative times wrap
;;; around the end of the array.
;;; The output array from the example in Section 15.3 of the GSL Manual can be
;;; reproduced with:
;;; (fft-pulse-test '(complex double-float) :dimension 128)
;;; This example program also yields the same output array as the example
;;; program in Section 15.4 of the GSL Manual:
;;; (fft-pulse-test '(complex double-float) :dimension 630)
(in-package :gsl)
(defun generate-pulse (element-type &key dimension)
(assert (and (integerp dimension) (> dimension 20)))
(let ((pulse (make-marray element-type :dimensions dimension))
(init-value (coerce 1 element-type)))
(setf (maref pulse 0) init-value)
(loop for i from 1 to 10
do (setf (maref pulse i) init-value
(maref pulse (- dimension i)) init-value))
(defun fft-pulse-test (element-type &key dimension)
(let ((pulse (generate-pulse element-type :dimension dimension))
(is-radix2 (= dimension (expt 2 (floor (log dimension 2))))))
((subtypep element-type 'complex)
(if is-radix2
(fft-complex-radix2-forward pulse)
(fft-complex-forward pulse)))
((subtypep element-type 'float)
(if is-radix2
(fft-real-radix2-transform pulse)
(fft-real-transform pulse))))))
(fft-pulse-test '(complex single-float) 128)
(fft-pulse-test '(complex single-float) 630)
(fft-pulse-test '(complex double-float) 128)
(fft-pulse-test '(complex double-float) 630)
(fft-pulse-test 'single-float 128)
(fft-pulse-test 'single-float 630)
(fft-pulse-test 'double-float 128)
(fft-pulse-test 'double-float 630))
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