Commit 4df83bca authored by Liam Healy's avatar Liam Healy
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Use symbols to refer to modules in asd file

ASDF definition of modules are with symbols, so the :depends-on
reference to those modules is also with symbols, not strings.
parent 9990ee06
;; Definition of GSLL system
;; Liam Healy
;; Time-stamp: <2009-08-23 10:31:19EDT gsll.asd>
;; Time-stamp: <2009-08-24 09:53:37EDT gsll.asd>
(when (asdf:find-system :fsbv nil)
(pushnew :fsbv *features*))
......@@ -49,18 +49,18 @@
(:file "body-expand" :depends-on ("defmfun" "mobject" "callback"))
(:file "generate-examples" :depends-on ("init"))))
(:module floating-point
:depends-on ("init")
:depends-on (init)
((:file "ieee-modes")
(:file "floating-point")))
(:module mathematical
:depends-on ("init")
:depends-on (init)
((:file "mathematical")
(:file "complex")))
(:module data
:depends-on ("init")
:depends-on (init)
((:file "foreign-friendly")
(:file "foreign-array" :depends-on ("foreign-friendly"))
......@@ -74,9 +74,9 @@
(:file "array-tests" :depends-on ("both"))
(:file "permutation" :depends-on ("marray" "array-structs"))
(:file "combination" :depends-on ("marray" "array-structs"))))
(:file "polynomial" :depends-on ("init" "data"))
(:file "polynomial" :depends-on (init data))
(:module special-functions
:depends-on ("init")
:depends-on (init)
((cffi-grovel:grovel-file "sf-result")
(:file "return-structures" :depends-on ("sf-result"))
......@@ -109,9 +109,9 @@
(:file "transport" :depends-on ("return-structures"))
(:file "trigonometry" :depends-on ("return-structures"))
(:file "zeta" :depends-on ("return-structures"))))
(:file "sorting" :depends-on ("init" "data"))
(:file "sorting" :depends-on (init data))
(:module linear-algebra
:depends-on ("init" "data" "special-functions")
:depends-on (init data special-functions)
((:file "blas1")
(:file "blas2")
......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@
(:file "diagonal")
(:file "householder")))
(:module eigensystems
:depends-on ("init" "data")
:depends-on (init data)
((:file "symmetric-hermitian")
(cffi-grovel:grovel-file "eigen-struct")
......@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@
(:file "nonsymmetric-generalized")))
;; Skip fft for now, I'm not sure how it works in C
(:module random
:depends-on ("init" "data")
:depends-on (init data)
((:file "rng-types")
(:file "generators" :depends-on ("rng-types"))
......@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@
(:file "logarithmic" :depends-on ("rng-types"))
(:file "shuffling-sampling" :depends-on ("rng-types"))))
(:module statistics
:depends-on ("init" "data")
:depends-on (init data)
((:file "mean-variance")
(:file "absolute-deviation")
......@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@
;; minimum and maximum values provided in vector.lisp
(:file "median-percentile")))
(:module histogram
:depends-on ("init" "linear-algebra" "random")
:depends-on (init linear-algebra random)
((:file "histogram")
(:file "updating-accessing" :depends-on ("histogram"))
......@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@
(:file "probability-distribution" :depends-on ("histogram"))
(:file "ntuple")))
(:module calculus
:depends-on ("init" "data" "random")
:depends-on (init data random)
((:file "numerical-integration")
(:file "numerical-integration-with-tables"
......@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@
(:file "monte-carlo")
(:file "numerical-differentiation")))
(:module ordinary-differential-equations
:depends-on ("init")
:depends-on (init)
((:file "ode-system")
(cffi-grovel:grovel-file "ode-struct")
......@@ -212,20 +212,20 @@
(:file "evolution")
(:file "ode-example" :depends-on ("ode-system" "stepping"))))
(:module interpolation
:depends-on ("init")
:depends-on (init)
((:file "interpolation")
(:file "types" :depends-on ("interpolation"))
(:file "lookup")
(:file "evaluation")
(:file "spline-example" :depends-on ("types"))))
(:file "chebyshev" :depends-on ("init"))
(:file "chebyshev" :depends-on (init))
(cffi-grovel:grovel-file "series-struct")
(:file "series-acceleration" :depends-on ("init" "series-struct"))
(:file "wavelet" :depends-on ("init" "data"))
(:file "hankel" :depends-on ("init" "data"))
(:file "series-acceleration" :depends-on (init "series-struct"))
(:file "wavelet" :depends-on (init data))
(:file "hankel" :depends-on (init data))
(:module solve-minimize-fit
:depends-on ("init" "data" "random")
:depends-on (init data random)
((:file "generic")
(cffi-grovel:grovel-file "solver-struct")
......@@ -238,7 +238,7 @@
:depends-on ("generic" "solver-struct"))
(:file "simulated-annealing")))
(:file "basis-splines" :depends-on ("init" "data" "random"))
(:file "basis-splines" :depends-on (init data random))
(:module physical-constants
((cffi-grovel:grovel-file "mksa")
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