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Document letm
Document chapters
organize presentation
what to do about regression tests? clean up files in floating-point if necessary
Errors in sorting; do C? see Sun Feb 10 2008
Other regression errors
Do tests in ia32.
normalize terminology for solve-minimize-fit; make subdir?
Add bspline.
Include required parts per FDL.
Sun Feb 10 2008 GSLL creation of objects within letm as from e.g. #'covariance.
Bulk changes needed:
Rename defun-gsl, defvariable.
Clean up markup and header files.
:size to size
String comparison of floats?
- Designed so that usage of GSL is as if GSL were written in CL:
information flow correctly through functions, full condition
handling, all information returned is available.
- Conditions are handled in a Lisp-friendly way; full use of the CL
condition system with full explanations.
- Uses CFFI. Should work with any Common Lisp that supports CFFI with
callbacks and foreign-funcall.
- This library is pure common lisp. No C is used; the only requirement
is that the GSL library must be loaded and accessible.
---- policies:
- All arrays and vectors that need to be passed to and from are
converted to or from GSL vectors or matrices; for GSL functions that
take/return raw C arrays (or pointers), a layer is wrapped
around them that do the conversion.
- Each defun-gsl corresponds to one C function. Where multiple
such functions may be combined into a single regular or generic
Needs work:
See Thu Apr 20 2006
There are 14 kinds of element types for vectors and matrices:
I implemented only int, double, complex.
It would be nice to use e.g. vector-sap for direct vectors in
e.g. SBCL.
- reading and writing functions will require handling of C streams,
not provided.
- Would be nice to have common callback definition and usage.
- I already have a generic alloc and free; need to apply that to all
the later chapters. But this would require making gratuitous CLOS
Proposed generic functions #'name, and creation of CLOS objects to
represent wavelets, series acceleration, chebyshev, etc. Then convert
the alloc, free, initialize functions to generics, generic with-
No strides allowed yet.
Can't use a function call as the length in with-data:
(with-data (data double-float (length vector))...)
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