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Added list of topics from the GSL web site.

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getting quick answers, even for someone not intending
to program in Lisp.
<p>Topics include:
roots of polynomials, special functions, vectors and matrices,
permutations, sorting, BLAS support, linear algebra,
eigensystems, fast Fourier transforms,
quadrature, random numbers, quasi-random sequences,
random distributions, statistics, histograms, N-tuples,
Monte Carlo integration, simulated annealing, differential
equations, interpolation, numerical differentiation,
chebyshev approximation, series acceleration,
discrete Hankel transforms, root-finding, minimization
least-squares fitting, IEEE floating-point,
discrete wavelet transforms. See documentation on status of
some incomplete topics.
<p>This code should be considered alpha and is still under
development, but it is largely usable
now, with some GSL capability not yet available.</p>
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