Commit be311859 authored by Sumant Oemrawsingh's avatar Sumant Oemrawsingh
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Expected number of assertions fail consistently in fast-fourier-transform.

There was one case left where even out-of-stride elements were scaled as well.
Tests are still not enabled.
parent 04dfa37f
......@@ -195,22 +195,19 @@
random-vector ; The original vector for reference
inverse ; The inverse FFT applied to the forward result
(if (and (have-at-least-gsl-version '(1 12)) #+fsbv t #-fsbv nil)
(elt/ (copy backward) (size-vector-scalar backward :stride stride))
(vector/length backward :stride stride)
;; Hack for old GSL version without complex vector math
(element-type backward)
:dimensions (dimensions backward)
(map 'list
(lambda (x) (/ x (floor (size backward) stride)))
(grid:copy-to backward))))))
(vector/length (grid:make-foreign-array
(element-type backward)
:dimensions (dimensions backward)
:initial-contents (grid:copy-to backward))
:stride stride))))
(multiple-value-bind (forward inverse)
(test-real-fft-noise random-vector :stride stride)
(values dft-random-vector forward random-vector inverse)))))
(test-fft-noise 'double-float 10 :stride 2)
(test-fft-noise '(complex double-float) 10 :stride 2)
;; (test-fft-noise '(complex double-float) 2 :stride 2)
;; (test-fft-noise '(complex double-float) 10 :stride 2)
;; (test-fft-noise 'double-float 10 :stride 1)
;; (test-fft-noise '(complex double-float) 10 :stride 1)
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