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Eliminate marray class

Eliminate marray class and use new foreign-array subclasses.  Porting
of code in this file partially complete.
parent 8e3ede1a
;; A "marray" is an array in both GSL and CL
;; Liam Healy 2008-04-06 21:23:41EDT
;; Time-stamp: <2010-06-26 19:11:23EDT marray.lisp>
;; Time-stamp: <2010-06-26 23:04:25EDT marray.lisp>
;; Copyright 2008, 2009 Liam M. Healy
;; Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License
......@@ -24,129 +24,71 @@
;;;; The class marray and its construction
(export 'marray)
(defclass marray (mobject c-array:foreign-array)
((block-pointer :initarg :block-pointer :reader block-pointer)
(total-size :reader size))
"A superclass for arrays represented in GSL and CL."))
;;; Slots were mpointer, block-pointer, total-size
;;; We don't allocate or free the C array data, because that is
;;; handled by c-array:foreign-array. We can use the GSL functions
;;; handled by grid:foreign-array. We can use the GSL functions
;;; *_alloc_from_block because they will allocate only the structure,
;;; but we must use CFFI to allocate the block structure; otherwise
;;; GSL would try to allocate the C array. We do not use any of the
;;; GSL free functions because they would free the C array data.
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((object marray) &rest initargs)
(declare (ignore initargs)) ; required by &rest arg for c-array:foreign-array?
(defmacro metadata-slot (object name)
`(getf (foreign-metadata ,object) ,name))
(defun make-gsl-metadata (object)
;; Need to check that all allocations succeeded.
;; Don't do anything if mpointer has been assigned (shouldn't happen)
;; Don't do anything if mpointer has been assigned,
;; or this is a permutation or combination (they have their own methods).
(unless (and (slot-boundp object 'mpointer) (mpointer object))
(let ((blockptr (cffi:foreign-alloc 'gsl-block-c)))
(unless (metadata-slot object 'mpointer)
(when (zerop (total-size object))
(error "Object ~a has zero total dimension." object))
(let* ((blockptr (cffi:foreign-alloc 'gsl-block-c))
(array-struct (alloc-from-block object blockptr)))
(setf (cffi:foreign-slot-value blockptr 'gsl-block-c 'size)
(size object)
(slot-value object 'block-pointer)
(when (zerop (total-size object))
(error "Object ~a has zero total dimension." object))
(let ((array-struct (alloc-from-block object blockptr)))
(setf (slot-value object 'mpointer) array-struct)
#-native (set-struct-array-pointer object)
(tg:finalize object
(lambda ()
(cffi:foreign-free blockptr)
(cffi:foreign-free array-struct)))))))
(defun set-struct-array-pointer (object)
"Set the pointer in the 'data slot of the foreign structs to be the
current c-pointer value. In non-native implementations this need
be called only once when the marray is made. In native implementations
it is called whenever mpointer is requested because of the possibility
that a GC moved the pointer."
(setf (cffi:foreign-slot-value (block-pointer object) 'gsl-block-c 'data)
(c-pointer object)
;; alloc-from-block automatically copies over the data pointer
;; from the block to the vector/matrix; we must do that manually here
(slot-value object 'mpointer)
(if (typep object 'matrix) 'gsl-matrix-c 'gsl-vector-c)
(c-pointer object)))
(defmethod mpointer ((object marray))
"Compute the c-pointer of the array and place it in the GSL struct
because the stored version is untrustworthy unless it was computed
within the same native-pointer-protect form as this mpointer
(set-struct-array-pointer object)
(grid:total-size object)
(cffi:foreign-slot-value blockptr 'gsl-block-c 'data)
(foreign-pointer object)
(metadata-slot object 'block-pointer) blockptr
(metadata-slot object 'mpointer) array-struct
;; alloc-from-block automatically copies over the data pointer
;; from the block to the vector/matrix; we must do that manually here
(if (typep object 'matrix) 'gsl-matrix-c 'gsl-vector-c) 'data)
(foreign-pointer object))
(tg:finalize object
(lambda ()
(cffi:foreign-free blockptr)
(cffi:foreign-free array-struct))))))
(defmethod mpointer ((object grid:foreign-array))
(metadata-slot object 'mpointer)
(make-gsl-metadata object))
;;;; Make data from either the dimensions provided or from the initial values
;;;;;;; There are >1400 calls to make-marray, write an emulation?
;;; This should probably be moved/renamed grid:make-foreign-array.
(export 'make-marray)
(defun make-marray
(class-or-element-type &rest keys &key dimensions initial-contents
(element-type &rest keys &key dimensions initial-contents
"Make a GSLL array with the given element type,
:dimensions, and :initial-contents, :initial-element or :data. If
the :data argument is supplied, it should be a CL array generated
with #'make-ffa."
(apply #'make-instance
(if (subtypep class-or-element-type 'marray)
(and dimensions (listp dimensions) (eql (length dimensions) 2))
(and initial-contents (listp (first initial-contents))))
'matrix 'vector)
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(pushnew 'marray grid:*grid-data-superclasses*))
(defmethod grid:make-grid-data
((type (eql 'marray)) dimensions rest-spec &rest keys
&key initial-element initial-contents)
(declare (ignorable initial-element initial-contents))
(apply #'make-marray (grid:spec-scalar-p rest-spec)
:dimensions dimensions
:dimensions, and :initial-contents, :initial-element or :data."
(when (subtypep element-type 'grid:foreign-array)
(error "Can't take a class name here anymore, sorry.")
`((grid:foreign-array ,@dimensions) element-type)
;;;; Copy to and from bare mpointers
(defgeneric contents-from-pointer (pointer struct-type &optional element-type)
"Create a contents list from the GSL object of type struct-type
referenced by pointer."))
(defmethod c-array:copy-making-destination ((pointer #.+foreign-pointer-class+))
;; Default assumption when destination isn't given in #'copy is
;; that this should make a vector-double-float.
(c-array:copy-to-destination pointer 'vector-double-float)))
(defmethod c-array:copy-to-destination
((pointer #.+foreign-pointer-class+) (class-name symbol))
(if (subtypep class-name 'matrix) 'gsl-matrix-c 'gsl-vector-c)
(c-array:lookup-type class-name *class-element-type*)))))
;; Some functions in solve-minimize-fit return a pointer to a GSL
;; vector of double-floats. This function turns that into a
;; foreign-friendly array. There is no choice but to copy over the
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