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    Clean up several compilation problems · 134132bc
    Liam Healy authored
    Several bugs with small fixes, modifications to eliminate warnings:
    - Bad names for argument variables in maref fixed.
    - Add depenedencies in gsll.asd to avoid warnings.
    - Histogram needs #'assign-pointer function which was previously
    - #'scale is a generic function, change defun to defmethod in
    - New #'variables-used-in-c-arguments replaces #'c-arguments in
      defmfun, now is a simplistic code walker but goes to arbitrary
      depth.  This will do for current uses of defmfun.
    - Export and defgenerics for #'alloc, #'free which are used by
      histogram and random.  In gsl-objects.lisp for lack of a better
    System now completely compiles from scratch with only one warning 
    "Implicitly creating new generic function BIND-GENERATE-BINDINGS."
    which is from metabang-bind.  No new testing.
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