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    Add 'scalarsp, eliminate 'callback-dynamic from callback-included · 88076763
    Liam Healy authored
    Add the slot 'scalarsp and eliminate the slot 'callback-dynamic from
    the class callback-included, and modify the defmobject uses
    accordingly.  All dynamic quantities (function, scalarsp, dimensions)
    will be set from slot values at run time.  This works for the objects
    ported so far:
     (lisp-unit:run-tests chebyshev)
     CHEBYSHEV: 1 assertions passed, 0 failed.
     (lisp-unit:run-tests roots-one)
     ROOTS-ONE: 6 assertions passed, 0 failed.
     (lisp-unit:run-tests minimization-one)
     MINIMIZATION-ONE: 2 assertions passed, 0 failed.
    Started working on roots-multi; it now compiles but does not run.
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