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    GSL arrays created by GSL functions · 38ddfa1a
    Liam Healy authored
    Made the generic function #'contents-from-pointer that takes a pointer
    to a GSL struct and produces a list of the contents suitable for the
    :initial-contents argument to #'make-marray.  Added an argument
    :from-pointer to #'make-marray that then creates a new marray with the
    same contents.  Some functions in solve-minimize-fit return a pointer
    to a GSL vector with double-floats.  Copying in this way is necessary
    because GSL has malloced the data in a non-CL place.  Sometimes, this
    results in the copying of data whose only further use will be to
    extract a pointer to pass to another GSL function.  Added a method
    to #'mpointer that permits directly passing a pointer, but this isn't
    useful for arrays because there are many element types so the
    functions have been defined as methods.
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