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    No 64 bit integers on 32 bit platforms · c057c7f3
    Liam Healy authored
    Both CLISP and SBCL fail when making arrays of 64 bit integers,
    despite cffi-features:no-long-long being absent for either.
    Therefore, conditionalize away these types in *array-element-types* on
    32 bit platforms in general, and conditionalize away all the 64 bit
    tests as well.  Separated out integer size check into types.lisp.
    Restored tests vector-min and vector-max which fail in SBCL for
    (signed-integer 8) and (signed-integer 16) for unknown reasons. 
    Test results:
    64 bit SBCL:   TOTAL: 1223 assertions passed, 5 failed, 0 execution errors.
    64 bit CCL:    TOTAL: 1228 assertions passed, 0 failed, 0 execution errors.
    32 bit SBCL:   TOTAL: 1069 assertions passed, 31 failed, 0 execution errors.
    32 bit CLISP:  TOTAL: 1051 assertions passed, 27 failed, 5 execution errors.
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