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    Substitute for dim0 and dim1 in funcallables when scalarsp=NIL · 127d3d02
    Liam M. Healy authored
    Previously, the funcallable form made by #'make-funcallable-form (for
    e.g. ODE solvers) when scalarsp=T involved substituting the symbols
    'dim0 and 'dim1, but when scalarsp=NIL, would not do the substitution.
    This caused an error when those unevaluated and unbound symbols
    appeared in the lambda.  By altering #'faify-form with an additional
    'dimension-values argument and calling 
    (value-from-dimensions argspec dimension-values) 
    instead of 
    (parse-callback-argspec argspec 'dimensions), 
    this problem is fixed.