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    Correct return values from jacobian-elliptic-functions; add tests · aa68fe67
    Liam M. Healy authored
    The GSL function gsl_sf_elljac_e writes sn, cn, dn values to doubles
    for which the pointer has been passed in, as shown in
    /usr/include/gsl/gsl_sf_elljac.h, and not to sf-result as one might be
    led to conclude from the "_e" at the end of the name.  This is now
    fixed in GSLL, so that the tests, which sometimes passed and sometimes
    didn't depending on what was run before it, now should always work.
    The single non-error test been replaced by the 35 GSL tests in
    gsl/specfunc/test_sf.c, and they all pass in SBCL Linux AMD64.