Commit eef416b5 authored by lhealy's avatar lhealy Committed by Liam Healy

Added a list of features added to GSL as a kind of to-do list.

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Some things that have been added to GSL since 1.8 that should be added
to GSLL:
GSL 1.9
** Added support for nonsymmetric eigensystems (Patrick Alken)
** Added Mathieu functions (Lowell Johnson)
** Added a new BFGS2 minimisation method, requires substantially fewer
function and gradient evaluations that the existing BFGS minimiser.
** Added updated Knuth generator, gsl_rng_knuthran2002, from 9th
printing of "The Art of Computer Programming". Fixes various
weaknesses in the earlier version gsl_rng_knuthran.
** Added new functions for testing the sign of vectors and matrices,
gsl_vector_ispos, gsl_vector_isneg, gsl_matrix_ispos and
GSL 1.10
** Added support for generalized eigensystems (Patrick Alken)
** Extended Cholesky routines to complex matrices (Patrick Alken)
** Added functions gsl_matrix_subrow and gsl_matrix_subcolumn
** Added function gsl_stats_correlation to compute Pearson correlation
of two datasets
** Added the new function gsl_sf_expint(n,x) for computing the n-th
order exponential integral.
** Added functions gsl_vector_isnonneg and gsl_matrix_isnonneg.
** Added support in gsl_ieee_set_mode for controlling SSE exceptions
and rounding through the MXCSR control word on x86 processors.
[Modify existing GSLL function.]
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