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      Number symbols sequentially; intern specials for defmfun · 86d01196
      Liam Healy authored
      Created file init/utility.lisp, which now includes
      make-symbol-cardinal and make-symbol-cardinals.  These functions in
      turn will now take a list for name, and join the symbols together with
      "-", and will optionally intern in a package.  In #'callback-args in
      callback.lisp, the args are now numbered sequentionally (still
      uninterned, but no longer gensymmed).  In #'expand-defmfun-wrap in
      defmfun.lisp, the symbols for specials "dynfn" and "cbfn" that are
      made are now interned, numbered sequentially, and named after the
      function in which they occur.  This doesn't affect the functionality
      of the functions, it is just for readability of the macroexpansion.
      Expected tests pass.
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      Changed meaning of #'defun-gsl-all arguments so that the first · 4729f28f
      liam authored
      argument should be a list of element types by themselves
      (e.g. 'double) and not the data type and element type
      ('vector-double).  Hardwire *data-name-alist* to associate these
      symbols with the GSL convention for words that are insterted in
      strings (e.g. (FIXNUM . "_int")).  #'make-symbol-from-strings replaces
      #'data-object-name in new file utility.lisp and splice-name just
      inserts, doesn't remove anything.  These changes permit the definition
      of #'defun-gsl-stats to be defined using #'defun-gsl-all.  Created
      mean-variance.lisp.  Created shuffling-sampling.lisp, which does not
      deal directly with CL objects yet.  Fix broken example in vector.lisp.
      git-svn-id: svn+ssh://pop/opt/space/mathematics/gsl/trunk@3158 a3d8a0fb-c1db-0310-ace7-a616afeb9e30