1. 27 Dec, 2014 1 commit
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  3. 24 Oct, 2011 1 commit
    • Eliminate fsbv:object for built-in types · 639a5f35
      Eliminate fsbv:object for built-in types; started conversion of
      special function result (sf-result*) structures but this requires a
      modification to CFFI.  Simulated annealing structure called by value.
      Use cffi-fsbv's sizet definition; this imposes a dependence on that
      system.  No compilation attempted yet.
      Liam M. Healy authored
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  15. 25 May, 2010 1 commit
    • New random sample tests; rewrite testpdf · ff9126d9
      Rewrote testpdf so that it takes a function of the random variable,
      and the list of distribution name and keyword-argument pair.  Added
      new tests levy and exponential-power; several more (beta, chi-squared,
      exponential) written but commented out because they take an
      unreasonably long time to complete; these require further
      Liam Healy authored
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  19. 26 Dec, 2009 1 commit
    • Be strict on initial marray values; default marrays · 2a6a743f
      Removed some marrays marked as :input when their values were not used.
      This failed in CCL because the arrays in those cases were created with
      no initial values, and no values were set, so that they were marked
      cl-invalid.  Created #'make-marray-or-default to facilitate defaulting
      of marrays in defmfun, and marking validity appropriately.
      Test results:
      SBCL 64:
      TOTAL: 1627 assertions passed, 6 failed, 0 execution errors.
      CCL 64:
      TOTAL: 1620 assertions passed, 13 failed, 0 execution errors.
      Liam Healy authored
  20. 21 Dec, 2009 3 commits
    • Move copy, copy-making-destination to grid · 3680b307
      Moved the definition of the generic function copy-making-destination
      to copy objects while making a destination object, and the wrapper
      function #'copy for that and copy-to-destination to grid/ and c-array:
      Liam Healy authored
    • Move copy-to-destination to grid · 06f99392
      The generic function definition for copy-to-destination is now in
      grid/ and the c-array package.  This will make it accessible to
      non-GSLL foreign library interfaces, but the new location is a bit
      deceptive because a new method needn't be a subclass of foreign-array.
      Liam Healy authored
    • Move foreign-array and foreign-friendly to grid · a9cf4a74
      Continuing the separation of definitions useful for any libraries
      using C arrays, foreign-array.lisp and foreign-friendly.lisp have been
      moved to the grid subdirectory and placed in the c-array package.
      All tests pass on SBCL 64,
      TOTAL: 1627 assertions passed, 6 failed, 0 execution errors.
      Liam Healy authored
  21. 26 Aug, 2009 1 commit
    • List argument to defmobject :initialize-suffix · 8555fb6a
      A list argument to defmobject :initialize-suffix now means what a list
      argument to defmfun to defmfun c-arguments does: there are two foreign
      functions corresponding to the Lisp function; in this case, to
      reinitialize-instance.  The old meaning of having the second element
      specify the c-return reinitialize-instance has been eliminated;
      instead, this information is conveyed in a new key argument
      Liam Healy authored
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  27. 18 Feb, 2009 1 commit
    • GSL features added in version 1.11; cholesky-solve and linear fit unification · cb88b8db
      Added +halton+, +reverse-halton+ to random/quasi.lisp. 
      Added #'multi-linear-residuals in
      solve-minimize-fit/linear-least-squares.lisp.  Changed +sobol+,
      +niederreiter2+ from *..* apparently overlooked before.
      #'cholesky-solve now written so that if x-spec = T, a marray is
      created and the solution put in it and returned.  If it is NIL, the
      solution will replace b.  This required a modification to
      expand-defmfun-generic to remove &aux args from the defgeneric
      Specify the weight as an optional argument, unifying the weighted and
      unweighted functions:
      linear-fit, multiplier-fit, linear-mfit, linear-mfit-svd.
      This necessitated a change in the order of the arguments.
      Changed call in basis-splines.lisp.
      Liam Healy authored
  28. 17 Feb, 2009 1 commit
    • GSL features added in version 1.9 · 6e17d879
      Added definitions for GSL features that were added in version 1.9, and
      one from version 1.10: mminusp, mplusp, non-negative-p,
      +knuthran2002+, +vector-bfgs2+.  Macros defmpar now has key instead of
      optional args.  It and def-rng-type take a gsl-version argument; any
      symbols that are not defined in the user's version of GSL will be
      bound to an instance of 'obsolete-gsl-version but it is not signalled.
      Liam Healy authored
  29. 16 Feb, 2009 1 commit
  30. 25 Jan, 2009 2 commits
  31. 12 Jan, 2009 1 commit
    • Redefine #'copy · 419e70d4
      Redefine #'copy so that it has one required argument (source) and one
      optional argument (destination).  For marrays, create a destination
      using make-marray, if one was not given, and then use the memcpy
      functions to fill the values.  For all other mobjects, copy will copy
      objects by calling one of two generic functions, #'copy-to-destination
      and #'copy-making-destination, depending on whether a destination was
      supplied.  The former is defined if a GSL _memcpy function exists.
      The latter will look for a GSL _clone function, then make a CL
      instance with the pointer returned as mpointer.  If there is no clone
      function, it will attempt to make a new object using make-load-form,
      so will fail if that method has not been defined.
      Added a check to defmfun that signals an error if a variable is used
      in the C arguments other than top-level that is not used in the CL
      arglist.  This should not happen and is usually an indication of a
      Liam Healy authored
  32. 30 Dec, 2008 1 commit