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(defpackage :asdf/contrib/plan (:use :cl)) ;; dummy, for use as package-inferred-system

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(in-package :asdf/plan)

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;; NB: Whenever compute-action-stamp is changed, this file must be updated
;; to insert the let-and-DBG statements in the current version of the function.
;; So if you find this file not working, it might be out of date.

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  (defmethod compute-action-stamp (plan (o operation) (c component) &key just-done)
    ;; Given an action, figure out at what time in the past it has been done,
    ;; or if it has just been done, return the time that it has.
    ;; Returns two values:
    ;; 1- the TIMESTAMP of the action if it has already been done and is up to date,
17 18
    ;;   or NIL is either hasn't been done or is out of date.
    ;;   (An ASDF extension could use a cryptographic digest instead.)
19 20 21
    ;; 2- the DONE-IN-IMAGE-P boolean flag that is T if the action has already been done
    ;;   in the current image, or NIL if it hasn't.
    ;; Note that if e.g. LOAD-OP only depends on up-to-date files, but
    ;; hasn't been done in the current image yet, then it can have a non-NIL timestamp,
23 24
    ;; yet a NIL done-in-image-p flag: we can predict what timestamp it will have once loaded,
    ;; i.e. that of the input-files.
25 26 27 28
    ;; If just-done is NIL, these values return are the notional fields of
    ;; a KEEP, REDO or TODO status (VOID is possible, but probably an error).
    ;; If just-done is T, they are the notional fields of DONE status
    ;; (or, if something went wrong, TODO).
29 30
     (block ())
     (let* ((dep-status ; collect timestamp from dependencies (or T if forced or out-of-date)
              o c
34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49
              #'(lambda (do dc status)
                  ;; out-of-date dependency: don't bother looking further
                  (let ((action-status (action-status plan do dc)))
                      ((and action-status (or (status-keep-p action-status)
                                              (and just-done (status-stamp action-status))))
                       (merge-action-status action-status status))
                       ;; It's OK to lose some ASDF action stamps during self-upgrade
                       (unless (equal "asdf" (primary-system-name dc))
                         (warn "Computing just-done stamp in plan ~S for action ~S, but dependency ~S wasn't done yet!"
                               (action-path (make-action o c))
                               (action-path (make-action do dc))))
                       (DBG "compute-action-stamp: forced by out of date dependency" (action-path (make-action o c)) (action-path (make-action do dc)) action-status)
51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61
                       (return (values nil nil))))))
            (dep-stamp (status-stamp dep-status)))
       ;; DBG
       (when (null dep-stamp)
         (let* ((action-path (action-path (cons o c)))
                (dep-statuses (loop for action in (direct-dependencies o c) for (o . c) = action collect
                                    (list (action-path action) (action-status plan o c)))))
           (DBG :nds action-path dep-statuses))))
     (let* (;; collect timestamps from inputs, and exit early if any is missing
            (in-files (input-files o c))
62 63 64 65
            (in-stamps (mapcar #'get-file-stamp in-files))
            (missing-in (loop :for f :in in-files :for s :in in-stamps :unless s :collect f))
            (latest-in (stamps-latest (cons dep-stamp in-stamps))))
       (when (and missing-in (not just-done))
66 67 68 69
         (DBG "compute-action-stamp: missing inputs" (cons o c) missing-in)
         (return (values nil nil))))
     (let* (;; collect timestamps from outputs, and exit early if any is missing
            (out-files (remove-if 'null (output-files o c)))
70 71 72
            (out-stamps (mapcar (if just-done 'register-file-stamp 'get-file-stamp) out-files))
            (missing-out (loop :for f :in out-files :for s :in out-stamps :unless s :collect f))
            (earliest-out (stamps-earliest out-stamps)))
73 74 75
       (when (and missing-out (not just-done))
         (DBG "compute-action-stamp: missing outputs" (cons o c) missing-out)
         (return (values nil nil))))
76 77 78
     (let (;; Time stamps from the files at hand, and whether any is missing
           (all-present (not (or missing-in missing-out)))
           ;; Has any input changed since we last generated the files?
79 80
           ;; Note that we use stamp<= instead of stamp< to play nice with generated files.
           ;; Any race condition is intrinsic to the limited timestamp resolution.
81 82 83
           (up-to-date-p (stamp<= latest-in earliest-out))
           ;; If everything is up to date, the latest of inputs and outputs is our stamp
           (done-stamp (stamps-latest (cons latest-in out-stamps))))
84 85 86
       ;; Warn if some files are missing:
       ;; either our model is wrong or some other process is messing with our files.
       (when (and just-done (not all-present))
         ;; Shouldn't that be an error instead?
88 89 90 91
         (warn "~A completed without ~:[~*~;~*its input file~:p~2:*~{ ~S~}~*~]~
                ~:[~; or ~]~:[~*~;~*its output file~:p~2:*~{ ~S~}~*~]"
               (action-description o c)
               missing-in (length missing-in) (and missing-in missing-out)
92 93 94 95 96 97 98
               missing-out (length missing-out))))
     (let (;; There are three kinds of actions:
           (out-op (and out-files t)) ; those that create files on the filesystem
           ;;(image-op (and in-files (null out-files))) ; those that load stuff into the image
           ;;(null-op (and (null out-files) (null in-files))) ; placeholders that do nothing
     ;; Status of the action as previously performed in the image
99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127
     (progn ;; DBG
       (multiple-value-bind (perform-stamp perform-done-p)
           (if just-done
               (values done-stamp t)
               (component-operation-time o c))
         (let* ((forced (action-forced-p (forcing (or plan *asdf-session*)) o c))
                (already-done-p (and all-present up-to-date-p (operation-done-p o c)
                                     (not forced)))
                (matching-stamp-p (and perform-done-p (eql perform-stamp done-stamp)))
                (action-path (action-path (cons o c))))
           (DBG "compute-action-stamp"
     (if (or just-done ;; The done-stamp is valid: if we're just done, or
129 130 131
             (and all-present ;; if all filesystem effects are up-to-date
                  (operation-done-p o c) ;; and there's no invalidating reason.
                  (not (action-forced-p (forcing (or plan *asdf-session*)) o c))))
133 134
         (values done-stamp ;; return the hard-earned timestamp
                 (or just-done
135 136 137 138 139 140 141
                     out-op ;; A file-creating op is done when all files are up to date.
                     ;; An image-effecting operation is done when
                     (and (status-done-p dep-status) ;; all the dependencies were done, and
                          (multiple-value-bind (perform-stamp perform-done-p)
                              (component-operation-time o c)
                            (and perform-done-p ;; the op was actually run,
                                 (equal perform-stamp done-stamp)))))) ;; with a matching stamp.
         ;; done-stamp invalid: return a timestamp in an indefinite future, action not done yet
         (values nil nil)))))