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    Fixes for UIOP:RUN-PROGRAM on ACL. · 6510db1e
    Robert P. Goldman authored
    On ACL, the :INPUT and :OUTPUT arguments to EXCL:RUN-SHELL-COMMAND take
    NIL for the behavior of inheriting input and output handles from the
    Lisp process.  These were encoded as T in UIOP:RUN-PROGRAM, instead of
    NIL, causing ACL to get errors trying to open T as a file designator.
    Added a couple of test cases to test-run-program.script to illustrate
    the problem.
    Note that this fix does not provide the prescribed behavior for :OUTPUT
    NIL (which should take the program's output and throw it on the floor).
    There is a TODO in uiop:run-program explaining what's missing.  In
    brief, ACL's EXCL:RUN-SHELL-COMMAND does not support this behavior out
    of the box, so one would have to capture the program's output, and then
    throw it on the floor.
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