Commit 00758b0b authored by Robert P. Goldman's avatar Robert P. Goldman
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Makefile line mistakenly (?) untabified.

Dave Cooper caught this.
parent d801f25f
......@@ -88,4 +88,4 @@ Makefile:
# The text below was automaticaly generated by `make --silent makefile-targets`
# then manually inserted here to provide for completion:
archive build-asdf bump bump-version check-all-results check-all-scripts-results check-all-upgrade-results clean debian-package doc extract extract-all-tagged-asdf extract-tagged-asdf fix-local-git-tags fix-remote-git-tags git-all-committed-p help install install-asdf link-archive load make-and-publish-archive make-archive makefile-targets merge-master-into-release publish-archive publish-debian-package push re show-commands t test test-all test-all-clean-load test-all-no-stop test-all-no-upgrade test-all-no-upgrade-no-stop test-all-scripts test-all-scripts-no-stop test-all-upgrade test-all-upgrade-no-stop test-basic test-clean-load test-load-systems test-scripts test-upgrade u wc website: force
./tools/asdf-tools env l='$l' L='$L' u='$u' U='$u' v='$v' s='$s' t='$t' $@
./tools/asdf-tools env l='$l' L='$L' u='$u' U='$u' v='$v' s='$s' t='$t' $@
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