Commit 021b46e5 authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman

Remove parenthetical phrase in REQUIRE-SYSTEM doc.

This suggests that REQUIRE is used more for stable modules, and less for
user-developed code.  It's not clear to me that this is a justified
claim for, e.g., users of SBCL, which hooks REQUIRE into ASDF.
parent 943bdf4a
......@@ -1029,13 +1029,7 @@ For advanced users, note that
@code{already-loaded-systems} returns a list of the names of loaded systems.
@code{require-system} skips any update to systems that have already been loaded,
in the spirit of @code{cl:require},
by calling @code{load-system} with @code{:force-not (already-loaded-systems)}
(note however that @code{cl:require} deals with implementation-provided modules
that are unlikely to have been compatibly updated since the current image was started,
whereas ASDF in general deals with user-provided systems at least one of which
is typically modified during a development session;
hence it doesn't usually make sense to check for updates to modules,
whereas it does usually make sense to check for updates to systems).
by calling @code{load-system} with @code{:force-not (already-loaded-systems)}.
@node Moving on, , Convenience Functions, Using ASDF
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