Commit 03b6e874 authored by Robert P. Goldman's avatar Robert P. Goldman
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Fixed buglets.

parent 58c13794
......@@ -1601,7 +1601,7 @@ system configuration directory
if it exists.
The source registry will be configured from a default configuration.
This configuration may allow for implementation-specific systems
to be found, for systems to be found the current directory
......@@ -1653,7 +1653,7 @@ ASDF will first search for @code{.asd} files in the directories specified in
before it searches in the source registry above.
@xref{Configuring ASDF,,Configuring ASDF to find your systems -- old style}
@xref{Configuring ASDF,,Configuring ASDF to find your systems -- old style}.
By default, @code{asdf:*central-registry*} will be empty.
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