Commit 07426afc authored by Robert P. Goldman's avatar Robert P. Goldman
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Check for previously-existing copies of deleteme files.

At least on ABCL, having these previously-existing copies causes tests
to fail because of unexpected directory contents.
parent 74aec2b3
......@@ -185,8 +185,14 @@
(ensure-directories-exist (subpathname *build-directory* "deleteme/a/b/e/"))
(register-directory *asdf-directory*)
(register-directory *uiop-directory*)
(copy-file (system-source-file :uiop) (subpathname *build-directory* "deleteme/a/1.x"))
(copy-file (system-source-file :uiop) (subpathname *build-directory* "deleteme/a/b/2"))
(let ((new-file (subpathname *build-directory* "deleteme/a/1.x")))
(when (probe-file new-file)
(delete-file new-file))
(copy-file (system-source-file :uiop) new-file))
(let ((new-file (subpathname *build-directory* "deleteme/a/b/2")))
(when (probe-file new-file)
(delete-file new-file))
(copy-file (system-source-file :uiop) new-file))
(assert (directory-exists-p (subpathname *build-directory* "deleteme/a/b/c/")))
(assert (directory-exists-p (subpathname *build-directory* "deleteme/a/b/d/")))
(assert (directory-exists-p (subpathname *build-directory* "deleteme/a/b/e/")))
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