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......@@ -88,6 +88,83 @@ or you can tell ASDF where to look to find them using the
You'll need to set this variable up to match your system setup and will probably want to include it in your Lisp's startup script.
## Controlling where ASDF saves compiled files
Each Common Lisp implementation has its own format for
compiled files (fasls for short). If you use multiple
implementations (or multiple versions of the same
implementation), you'll soon find your source directories
littered with various `DFSL`s, `FASL`s, `CFSL`s and so on.
Worse yet, some implementations use the same file extension
or change formats from version to version which means that
you'll have to recompile binaries as you switch from one
implementation to the next.
As of version 1.365, ASDF includes [ASDF-binary-locations][asdf-binary-locations] to mitigate the problem.
#### Default Locations
The default binary location for each Lisp implementation is a subdirectory of each source directory. To account for different Lisps, Operating Systems, Implementation versions, and so on, ASDF borrows code from [SLIME][] to create reasonable custom directory names. Here are some examples:
* SBCL, version 1.0 on Mac OS X for intel: sbcl-1.0-darwin-x86
* Franz Allegro, version 8.0, ANSI Common Lisp: allegro-8.0a-macosx-x86
* Franz Allegro, version 8.1, Modern (case sensitive) Common Lisp: allegro-8.1m-macosx-x86
If you want to keep `FASL` files out of source tree entirely \*centralize-lisp-binaries\* to put compiled files into sub-directories of a single central location (see
[cbl]: #centralize-lisp-binaries
Here is a summary of the variables that control ASDF's source-to-binary mappings:
* \*place-binaries-in-implementation-specific-directories\*:
If false, then ASDF will place binaries in the same
directory as the source. If true, then ASDF will move the
binaries using the rest of the configuration. Defaults to
* \*centralize-lisp-binaries\*: If true, compiled lisp
files without an explicit mapping (see
\*source-to-target-mappings\*) will be placed in
subdirectories of \*default-toplevel-directory\*. If
false, then compiled lisp files without an explicit
mapping will be placed in subdirectories of their
sources. Defaults to `nil`.
* \*default-toplevel-directory\*. If
\*centralize-lisp-binaries\* is true, then compiled lisp
files without an explicit mapping (see
\*source-to-target-mappings\*) will be placed in
subdirectories of \*default-toplevel-directory\*.
Defaults to a sub-directory named `.fasls` in the current
user's home directory.
* \*include-per-user-information\*. specifies whether or
not to include user information in the directory. Only
used when \*centralize-lisp-binaries\* is true. Defaults
to `nil`.
* \*map-all-source-files\*. If true, then all source files
will be mapped by ASDF. If `nil`, then only Common
Lisp Source Files (i.e., instances of cl-source-file or
its subclasses) will be. Defaults to `nil`.
* \*source-to-target-mappings\*. This specifies mappings
from source to target. If the target is nil, then it
means to *not* map the source to anything. I.e., to leave
it as is. This has the effect of turning off
ASDF-Binary-Locations for the given source directory. The
default depends on the Lisp implementation.
These variables are used by
`output-files-for-system-and-operation` to determine where to
place a source file's binary. You can further customize ABL
by writing additional methods on the generic function
See the [manual][binary-locations] for more details.
## Summary
To use ASDF:
## git recipes
> Alternatively, would someone please provide simple recipes for dealing
> with git? It's really far more complex than CVS, and I don't see
> obvious patterns of interaction to do simple things like restore
> synchronization with the central repo.
git fetch origin
downloads latest commits
git reset --hard origin/master
nukes all local changes, synchronizing with the remote repo
### sychronize with the central repository
# downloads the latest commits from
git fetch origin
# removes any local changes and synchronizes with
# what we just downloaded from the remote repo
git reset --hard origin/master
## git resources
Here are a few links that might be helpful to people learning
......@@ -45,7 +45,8 @@ can:
### Contributing
We're still working out the details. For now, send email to
We're still working out the details but you should take a look at our [git resources][git-resources].
For now, send email to or the project [mailing-list][asdf-devel]
with questions or patches.
......@@ -54,10 +55,14 @@ with questions or patches.
### What is happening
* Saturday; June 6, 2009 - updated website and added [oos][]
shortcuts like [load-system][].
Sunday; September 13, 2009
: Added documentation for ASDF-Binary-Locations
* Sunday; May 3, 2009 - moving towards git and
Saturday; June 6, 2009
: updated website and added [oos][] shortcuts like [load-system][].
Sunday; May 3, 2009
: moving towards git and
......@@ -791,6 +791,36 @@ way:
{anchor binary-locations}
## Controlling where ASDF saves compiled files
ASDF includes code to control where the binaries files are places. The location depends on the the Common Lisp implementation and platform. The getting-started guides summaries the variables that control the mapping. The details for each variable can be found below:
#### Customization
{anchor centralize-lisp-binaries}
{docs *centralize-lisp-binaries*}
{docs *default-toplevel-directory*}
{docs *include-per-user-information*}
{docs *map-all-source-files*}
{docs *place-binaries-in-implementation-specific-directories*}
{docs *source-to-target-mappings*}
{docs implementation-specific-directory-name}
{docs output-files-for-system-and-operation}
### Notes and Issues
* SBCL ships with several included ASDF libraries which used to confuse ABL because it would try to recompile the `FASL`s and then run into directory permission problems. ASDF knows about these and uses a mapping like `/usr/local/lib/sbcl` to `nil` so that the `FASL`s are not relocated.
## Special variables
{docs *asdf-revision*}
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[FAQ]: faq.html
[tests]: test-results.html
[git-resources]: git.html
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