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Tests: Mention clasp as a target platform

parent 5b9a91fc
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ usage () {
echo " allegro_s, allegro8_s, allegromodern_s, allegromodern8_s (SMP variants)"
echo " allegro_64, allegro8_64, allegromodern_64, allegromodern8_64 (64-bit variants),"
echo " allegro_64_s, allegro8_64_s, allegromodern_64_s, allegromodern8_64_s, (SMP, 64-bit variants)"
echo " clisp, cmucl, ecl, gcl, sbcl, scl and xcl."
echo " clasp, clisp, cmucl, ecl, gcl, sbcl, scl and xcl."
echo " To configure the script, you may set environment variables to point to the various lisp runtimes."
echo " Allegro CL is a special case: instead of setting environment variables for the specific runtime"
echo " locations, you may simply specify the Allegro install directories using these variables:"
  • Is there anything to add to lisp-invocation and/or asdf/tools ?

  • Ah, yes. I wasn't aware of those. asdf-tools also doesn't work for me, unfortunately, but that's another issue. I've already made the necessary changes to test/ in 6f4ddc81.

  • I was just about to open a merge request for lisp-invocation, only to find that you'd already fixed it in qitab/lisp-invocation@5134c735 🙄

    As far as I can tell, lisp-invocation fixes directly translate into asdf-tools fixes here.

    I had to find out this way that while asdf-tools has an ext-update command, the Makefile does not and repeated make ext don't have an effect. So to wrap up this discussion: No further changes are necessary.

    Edited by Elias Pipping
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