Commit 0e3db483 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Fix a bug in test-module-pathnames.

parent e3b2e817
......@@ -31,26 +31,16 @@
(assert (symbol-value (find-symbol (symbol-name '*file-tmp*) :test-package))
() "symbol `*file-tmp*` has wrong value")
(assert (probe-file
:name "file1"
:type (compile-file-type)
:directory '(:relative "sources" "level1"))
() "compiled file not found")
(defun pf (path)
(let* ((fasl (apply-output-translations
(subpathname *test-directory* path :type (compile-file-type)))))
(assert (probe-file fasl) () "Cannot find compiled file ~S" fasl)))
(pf "sources/level1/file1")
(assert (find-symbol (symbol-name '*file-tmp2*) :test-package)
() "symbol `*file-tmp2*` not found")
(assert (symbol-value (find-symbol (symbol-name '*file-tmp2*) :test-package))
() "symbol `*file-tmp2*` has wrong value")
(assert (probe-file
:name "file2"
:type (compile-file-type)
:directory '(:relative "sources" "level1" "level2")))))
nil "compiled file not found")
(pf "sources/level1/level2/file2")
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