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recreated upstream changelog with git2cl

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2007-12-14 gwking <gwking>
* asdf.lisp: Applied patch from Luis Oliveira to prevent unnecessary
unreachable code warnings under SBCL when using the :pathname
argument in defsystem.
2007-09-27 gwking <gwking>
* asdf.lisp, test/ Adds documentation to oos and
operate. Also fixes the #. evaluation of *package* (thanks to Peter
Van Eynde).
2007-07-27 gwking <gwking>
* asdf.lisp, test/compile-asdf.lisp, test/,
test/script-support.lisp, test/static-and-serial.asd,
test/test-static-and-serial.script: 2007-07-26 10:55
2007-06-13 gwking <gwking>
* test/, test/test-force.script,
test/test-package.script, test/test-preferences-1.script,
test/test-version.script, test/test1.script, test/test2.script,
test/test3.script, test/test4.script, test/wild-module.script:
Reworked asdf tests to make them more robust and perhaps more
flexible too.
2007-06-13 gwking <gwking>
* asdf.lisp: Removes inline component methods more carefully (and, I
believe, correctly!). Helps keep LispWorks happy.
2007-06-02 gwking <gwking>
* asdf.texinfo: Updated version dates in the texinfo file
2007-03-21 gwking <gwking>
* asdf.lisp, asdf.texinfo, test/ main change is the
addition of system-relative-pathname function. This takes a system
name and a partial pathname and combines them to return a new
pathname _relative_ to the system. This is exported and lightly
documented. this patch also updates
preference-file-for-system/operation in an effort to prevent it from
being confused by *default-pathname-defaults* that include a
specific name and type.
2007-02-14 gwking <gwking>
* asdf.lisp: Minor patch in class-for-type that evaluates only
*package* at read time rather than (package-name *package*); this
keeps case sensitive Lisps happy all the time and keeps case
insensitive lisps happily insensitive.
2007-02-06 gwking <gwking>
* asdf.lisp: A patch from Richard Kreuter that allows pathname
defaulting to work better with *load-truename* and
*default-pathname-defaults*; this makes it easier to work with
defsystems in the REPL.
2007-01-23 gwking <gwking>
* asdf.lisp: add a better docstring for component-depends-on (via
#lisp and Robert Goldman)
2007-01-21 gwking <gwking>
* asdf.lisp, asdf.texinfo: ASDF now sends output to
*standard-output* (thanks to Richard M. Kreuter).
2006-11-07 crhodes <crhodes>
* asdf.lisp: Slightly better SBCL_HOME treatement for SBCL.
2006-08-21 crhodes <crhodes>
* README, asdf.lisp, test/, test/test-package.asd,
test/test-package.script: Be a little bit more defensive about
looking up classes for component types. It seems regrettably common
for system authors, despite the documentation, to place their system
in CL-USER, where the user can quite legitimately add symbols.
Adjust the lookup code in CLASS-FOR-TYPE to ignore symbols not
naming subclasses of ASDF:COMPONENT, and also to try the symbol
itself first if it's not a keyword. Also adjust the documentation
slightly to make this slightly clearer. Add test files, and make
the clisp test-harness work for me.
2006-07-06 gwking <gwking>
* asdf.lisp, test/test-preferences-1.lisp,
test/test-preferences-1.script, test/test-preferences-system-1.asd,
test/test-preferences-system-test.lisp: Added load-preferences and
preference-file-for-system/operation. Specialized them so that
preferences are found in ~/.asdf/<name-of-system>.lisp by default
and are loaded on either a load-op or a load-source-op. Refactored
load-op and load-source-op to both be subclasses of basic-load-op to
facilitate this. Added test case in test directory. Still need to
add to documentation of ASDF and will once I figure out where such a
beast truely lives.
2006-06-16 gwking <gwking>
* asdf.lisp: now allows license / licence initargs and
system-license / system-licence accessors
2006-05-30 gwking <gwking>
* asdf.lisp, test/test-force.asd, test/test-force.script: Added
&allow-other-keys to operate. Added test/test-force to test that
forcing a system works (at least in a simple case).
2006-05-14 demoss <demoss>
* asdf.lisp, test/test-version.script, test/wild-module.asd: OOS
:VERSION support. Thanks to Robert P. Goldman.
2006-04-20 crhodes <crhodes>
* asdf.lisp: run-shell-command for sbcl/win32
2006-04-20 crhodes <crhodes>
* asdf.lisp: A bit more robustness in the FILE-WRITE-DATE
department. This version is still subject to filesystem races (say,
between probe-file and file-write-date) but they're a lot less
likely. Attempt to do the "right" thing if an input file has gone
2006-04-20 crhodes <crhodes>
* asdf.lisp: Merge in system-component-type when given a :pathname
2006-03-21 crhodes <crhodes>
* asdf.lisp: Fixes * don't create a package with gensym. Instead
try creating packages with different names until one succeeds; *
delete the scratch package when we're finished with it * if the user
has requested a pathname for a component, don't try to construct
the default one; it probably won't work.
2006-02-01 crhodes <crhodes>
* asdf.lisp: Alter the #+(sbcl sbcl-hooks-require) section to allow
contrib loading on Windows. No changes outside that specific
2005-12-16 demoss <demoss>
* asdf.lisp: Rolled back push :asdf-foo-system
2005-12-07 nhabedi <nhabedi>
* asdf.lisp: Push :ASDF-SYSTEMNAME (Alan Shields)
2005-12-07 nhabedi <nhabedi>
* asdf.lisp: Added :WEAKLY-DEPENDS (Alan Shields)
2005-09-30 pvaneynd <pvaneynd>
* debian/changelog, debian/rules: remove CVS cruft
2005-09-26 pvaneynd <pvaneynd>
* asdf.lisp, debian/changelog, debian/rules: improved duplicate test
by using equal
2005-07-02 pvaneynd <pvaneynd>
* debian/README.Debian: note use of darcs-buildpackage
2005-07-01 pvaneynd <pvaneynd>
* debian/changelog, debian/control, debian/ commit
for debian release 1.87-1
2005-05-25 pvaneynd <pvaneynd>
* debian/changelog, debian/postinst: also rebuild lisp images after
2005-05-25 pvaneynd <pvaneynd>
* asdf.lisp, debian/changelog, debian/control,
debian/, debian/rules: * Fixed duplicate components patch to better handle reloading
defsystem files. Now works again with McClim. Closes: #310640 *
Corrected dependencies.
2004-08-18 demoss <demoss>
* asdf.texinfo: Add the necessary Texinfo magic so that install-info
can be used with the manual.
2004-08-18 demoss <demoss>
* asdf.texinfo: Minor fix to the texinfo documentation, so that
makeinfo won't overwrite the original .texinfo.
2004-08-05 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog, debian/control: Automated commit for Debian
build of asdf
2004-07-19 crhodes <crhodes>
* README, asdf.lisp: export condition readers ERROR-COMPONENT and
2004-05-16 dan_b <dan_b>
* README, asdf.lisp, asdf.texinfo, test-mail: Patches for ECL,
courtesy of Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll * "ECL cannot externalize
packages in compiled files. In other words, compiled files cannot
have package objects as literal constants. Things like
LOAD-TIME-VALUE, or saving the package name and afterwards looking
for the package is all right. This only affects your uses of
#.*package* somewhere in the code." * Also an appropriate
run-shell-command implementation
2004-05-12 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: new debian package
2004-05-05 nhabedi <nhabedi>
* asdf.lisp: replace :cormanlisp with :broken-fasl-loader
2004-05-05 crhodes <crhodes>
* asdf.lisp: Remove FORMATTER workaround for clisp-2.32, because
clisp-2.33 broke the workaround, and the clisp developers have the
aim of making asdf work "out of the box" for their 2.34 release --
and I'd hate for them to target the workarounded version rather than
the one that's idiomatic.
2004-05-05 nhabedi <nhabedi>
* asdf.lisp: patches for Corman Lisp
2004-03-12 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf.texinfo: Added brief 'downloading' section Added
defpackage/in-package forms to the example defsystem Some
non-exhaustive notes on the differences with mk-defsystem
2004-03-12 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf.texinfo: as downloaded from
2003-12-30 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automated commit for Debian build of asdf
2003-12-21 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf.lisp: remove overly strict slot type from component
2003-12-05 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automated commit for Debian build of asdf
2003-12-01 dan_b <dan_b>
* README, asdf-install.lisp, asdf.lisp: export input-files and
component-system: reported by Walter Pelissero
2003-11-11 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/control: Automated commit for debian_version_1_79-1
2003-11-11 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automated commit for Debian build of asdf
2003-10-17 crhodes <crhodes>
* asdf.lisp: PROVIDE asdf. I'm fairly sure I want to do this,
despite PROVIDE's deprecation, because (a) I want to undeprecate it;
(b) its effect is trivially reimplementable even if it vanishes; (c)
it will shortly become the right thing to do in sbcl.
2003-10-09 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automated commit for Debian build of asdf
2003-10-09 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf.lisp: Don't assign *verbose-out* statically: it gets us into
trouble if asdf is saved in a core. When the core is reloaded, the
stream is not attached to anything interesting.
2003-08-12 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog, wild-modules.lisp: don't export wild-module
2003-08-05 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* README: [no log message]
2003-07-18 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automatic commit for debian_version_1_77_1-1
2003-07-18 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* cclan.lisp: conditionalize sb-unix function
2003-07-17 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automatic commit for debian_version_1_77-1
2003-07-17 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog, debian/control, debian/rules: Automatic commit
for debian_version_1_77
2003-07-17 crhodes <crhodes>
* asdf.lisp: Fix the remaining FORMAT bogosities * make the "warned
while..." and "failed while..." arguments go the right way round *
use pretty printing (and the FORMATTER trick to keep CLISP happy)
Tidy up the RESTARTs * new names, exported (RETRY and ACCEPT) *
descriptions of the restarts for the debugger * set
2003-07-10 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automatic commit for debian_version_1_76
2003-07-10 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf.lisp, test/ Various fixes - Export SYSTEM-*
accessors, per Stig Sandø request - Change the CONPONENT-PROPERTY
alist to use a #'EQUAL test, per request ditto - Export
request from Christian Ohler
2003-06-12 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf-install.lisp: Patch from Nikodemus Siivola: 1. Ensures that
filename gets pushed to *temporary-files* even if download
bombs. 2. Doesn't try to delete non-existent temp-files, which can
now happen due to no 1.
2003-06-09 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf-install.lisp: make it work for package names <7 characters
2003-06-09 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf-install.lisp: asdf-install now accepts HTTP URLs as well as
package names/filenames
2003-06-07 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog, debian/compat, debian/rules: [no log message]
2003-06-05 dan_b <dan_b>
* cclan.lisp: name_version not name-version Makes it easier to
extract the version if the name has hyphens in it already
2003-06-05 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf-install.lisp, cclan-package.lisp, cclan.asd, cclan.lisp:
Deleted obsolete Debian packaging stuff, in case anyone tries to use
it. If it was useful for anything, it's still in cvs history New
function cclan:write-package is a 1.5-stop function to do all the
packaging stuff given a cvs repository. (.5? Doesn't do gpg
signing on its own, because asdf:run-shell-sommand doesn't work for
commands that need input)
2003-06-04 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf-install.lisp: Now loads a configuration file ~/.asdf-install
, in which the user may override the default cclan node, http proxy,
or whatever
2003-06-04 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf-install.lisp: First draft of a cclan automatic download tool,
currently rather sbcl-specific. Indirects through :(package ...)
links on cliki pages to download locations, which may be on cclan
nodes or elsewhere on the net. Requires tar and gpg, but no
dependencies on Lisp packages other than what's included in SBCL
2003-06-03 dan_b <dan_b>
* README, asdf.lisp: make SBCL require hook a lot quieter, by
muffling style-warnings when loading files and turning off asdf
2003-06-03 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf.lisp: Introduce a new :verbose switch to OPERATE (defaults T,
specifying NIL turns off all/most non-error output from ASDF)
2003-05-28 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* README, asdf.lisp, debian/changelog: Export
*compile-file-{errors,warnings}-behavior* Document these variables
in the README
2003-05-27 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automatic commit for debian_version_1_73
2003-05-27 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* README, debian/changelog: Add information on changing the handling
of compiler warnings. (Should this variable be exported?)
2003-05-20 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog, debian/control: Automatic commit for
2003-05-19 crhodes <crhodes>
* asdf.lisp: Remove call to PROVIDE from #+(and sbcl
sbcl-hooks-require) section. It becomes the responsibility of
individual systems in sbcl's contrib/ to call provide. No change
for any other environment.
2003-05-13 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automatic commit for debian_version_1_71
2003-05-13 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* asdf.lisp: Fix typo in check-componennt-inputs
2003-05-06 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* asdf.lisp, debian/changelog: 1.70: - Signal a generalized
instance of system-definition-error - Add another check to
check-component-inputs - Fix check for :components value
2003-05-06 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* asdf.lisp, debian/changelog: Add check-component-input with
partial input tests
2003-03-19 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automatic commit for debian_version_1_68
2003-03-19 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf.lisp: introduce test-op as outlined on cclan-list
2003-03-19 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf.lisp: patch for use in sbcl: delay evaluation of
*central-registry* components so that asdf in a dumped core is
2003-03-17 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog, debian/control: Automatic commit for
2003-03-17 dan_b <dan_b>
* README: remove bad whitespace in code example. Thanks to "jtra"
for reporting this
2003-03-17 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf.lisp: Bug fix: When we get to a file that needs
recompilation, usually we set :forced on operation-ancestor, to
ensure that subsequent components are rebuilt. However, touching a
random file in db-sockets is not usually a convincing reason to
rebuild all of araneida and all of cliki, so when we do this
cross-system leap, we remove the parent link Unfortunately, that
breaks the what-have-we-done-so-far information, which is also kept
in the ancestor operation. So, let's not do that any more.
Compilations will be slower than intended, but faster than the
infinite circular compilation behaviour that users of 1.65 observed
2003-03-16 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf.lisp: *asdf-revision changes to work with cvs co -kv option
2003-03-16 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf.lisp: support experimental hyperdoc protocol
2003-03-16 dan_b <dan_b>
* README, asdf.lisp: Fix component-relative-pathname so that it
merges the correct type in if unsupplied Shuffle some definitions
around to reduce 'not defined yet' complaints Changes to :force
option on operations - ':force t' is no longer passed onto
dependent systems ':force (system1 system2 ...systemn)' is a list
of system names to be forced ':force :all' is the original
force-everything-recursively behaviour
2003-03-07 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: fix changelog entry
2003-03-07 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Auto commit for Debian build
2003-03-07 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automatic commit for debian_version_1_62
2003-03-07 crhodes <crhodes>
* asdf.lisp: Fix complete braino in sbcl-specific logic
(".sbcl/systems/", not ".sbcl/systems", duh)
2003-03-04 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* asdf.lisp, debian/changelog: Incorporate patch for
'load-source-op. This may benefit from some rewriting, but this code
clearly works better than the existing stub code.
2003-03-03 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automatic commit for debian_version_1_60-1
2003-03-03 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* asdf.lisp: add two paths from sbcl's asdf version
2003-02-24 dan_b <dan_b>
* systems/README: cruft removal
2003-02-14 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automatic commit for debian_version_1_59-1
2003-02-13 crhodes <crhodes>
* asdf.lisp: Make messages that asdf prints slightly nicer, by using
pretty-printer justification routines. Sucky thing I: CLISP
dislikes calls to FORMAT with pretty-print format strings.
Bizarrely, though, it accepts calls to FORMATTER with the same
format strings. So use FORMATTER everywhere to keep clisp happy.
Sucky thing II: CMUCL can't do ENOUGH-NAMESTRING, because it has
So don't use ENOUGH-NAMESTRING, even though it's crying out for it.
2003-02-09 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/cl-asdf.postinst, debian/postinst: Auto commit for Debian
2003-02-09 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/postinst: Automatic commit for debian_version_1_58-1
2003-02-09 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/rules: Auto commit for Debian build
2003-02-09 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* test/ remove bashism so that ash/dash shells are
2003-02-09 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automatic commit for debian_version_1_58-1
2003-02-08 dan_b <dan_b>
* README, asdf.lisp, test/wild-module.script, wild-modules.lisp:
Make the :serial switch actually do something (useful for CLX
systems) Some glue that won't affect too many people but that lets
ASDF cleanly hook the extensible PROVIDE/REQUIRE mechanism in
upcoming SBCL 0.7.13 Fix wild-modules to not object when we call
(setf (module-components)) on a new or about-to-be-reinitialised
module. We need to be able to do this to get the weeds out, so it
should be legal
2003-02-04 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog: Automatic commit for debian_version_1_57-1
2003-02-04 dan_b <dan_b>
* README, asdf.lisp, test/test1.script: Rationalise the
system-definition-finding machinery a bit. *central-registry* no
longer takes functions (that feature was broken anyway), but a new
list *system-definition-search-functions* does. Its default content
is a single function designator for sysdef-central-registry-search,
which does the *central-registry* search Update documentation to
match Fix test1.script to call the preferred OPERATE instead of OOS
Update documentation to describe COMPONENT-PROPERTY method
2003-01-28 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf.lisp: Francois-Rene Rideau reports that Genera gets upset
with our print-object specialisation on (stream stream), because
STREAM is not a class. The workaround is harmless anyway: just
remove the specialisation
2002-12-15 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/control: [no log message]
2002-12-09 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog, debian/cl-cclan.postinst,
debian/cl-cclan.prerm, debian/compat, debian/control: new deb pkg
2002-12-09 dan_b <dan_b>
* asdf.lisp: experimental! checked in for kmr to test dependency
2002-12-02 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* debian/changelog, debian/control, debian/copyright: new debian pkg
2002-12-02 kevinrosenberg <kevinrosenberg>
* asdf.lisp: minor code cleanup