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Added support for user- and system- preference files

parent 45144c11
......@@ -629,7 +629,8 @@ called with an object of type asdf:system."
;;; convention that functions in this list are prefixed SYSDEF-
(defvar *system-definition-search-functions*
(defun system-definition-pathname (system)
(let ((system-name (coerce-name system)))
......@@ -731,6 +732,60 @@ to `~a` which is not a directory.~@:>"
(list new)
(subseq *central-registry* (1+ position))))))))))
(defun sysdef-source-registry-search (system)
(let ((name (coerce-name system))
(to-remove nil)
(to-replace nil))
(block nil
(dolist (dir (source-registry))
(let ((defaults (eval dir)))
(when defaults
(cond ((directory-pathname-p defaults)
(let ((file (and defaults
:defaults defaults :version :newest
:name name :type "asd" :case :local)))
#+(and (or win32 windows) (not :clisp))
(shortcut (make-pathname
:defaults defaults :version :newest
:name name :type "asd.lnk" :case :local)))
(if (and file (probe-file file))
(return file))
#+(and (or win32 windows) (not :clisp))
(when (probe-file shortcut)
(let ((target (parse-windows-shortcut shortcut)))
(when target
(return (pathname target)))))))
(let* ((*print-circle* nil)
(format nil
"~@<While searching for system `~a`: `~a` evaluated ~
to `~a` which is not a directory.~@:>"
system dir defaults)))
(error message))
(remove-entry-from-registry ()
:report "Remove entry from (source-registry) and continue"
(push dir to-remove))
(coerce-entry-to-directory ()
:report (lambda (s)
(format s "Coerce entry to ~a, replace ~a and continue."
(ensure-directory-pathname defaults) dir))
(push (cons dir (ensure-directory-pathname defaults)) to-replace))))))))
;; cleanup
(dolist (dir to-remove)
(setf (central-registry) (remove dir (source-registry))))
(dolist (pair to-replace)
(let* ((current (car pair))
(new (cdr pair))
(position (position current (source-registry))))
(setf (source-registry)
(append (subseq (source-registry) 0 position)
(list new)
(subseq (source-registry) (1+ position))))))))))
(defun make-temporary-package ()
(flet ((try (counter)
......@@ -2042,6 +2097,382 @@ applied by the plain `*source-to-target-mappings*`."
;;;; for invalidating registry entries, etc.
;;;; See
(defun get-env-var (x)
(sb-ext:posix-getenv x)
(ccl::getenv x)
(ext:getenv x)
(cdr (assoc (intern x :keyword) ext:*environment-list*))
(lispworks:environment-xiable x)
(sys:getenv x)
(system:getenv x)
(si:getenv x))
;; Using ack 1.2 exclusions
(defvar *default-exclusions*
'(".bzr" ".cdv" "~.dep" "" "~.nib" "~.plst"
".git" ".hg" ".pc" ".svn" "CVS" "RCS" "SCCS" "_darcs"
"_sgbak" "autom4te.cache" "cover_db" "_build"))
(defun default-registry ()
(let ((paths #+(and asdf sbcl)
(let ((home (sb-ext:posix-getenv "SBCL_HOME")))
(when (and home (not (string= home "")))
(merge-pathnames "site-systems/" (truename home))))
(merge-pathnames ".sbcl/systems/"
#+(and asdf clisp)
(merge-pathnames ".clc/systems/"
;; asdf:*central-registry*
(mapcar #'namestring paths)))
(defvar *source-registry* '())
;; (defvar *source-registry* (default-registry))
(defun source-registry ()
(defun (setf source-registry) (x)
(setf *source-registry* x))
(defun source-registry-initialized-p ()
(not (null (source-registry))))
;; from xcvb:search-path.lisp
(defun expand-search-path-string (string &optional (previous-path (source-registry)))
((or (null string) (equal string ""))
((stringp string)
:with path = ()
:with start = 0
:with end = (length string)
:for i = (or (position #\: string :start start) end) :do
(let ((s (subseq string start i)))
((equal "" s) ; empty element
((equal "!" s) ; previous path
(setf path (append (reverse previous-path) path)))
(push s path))))
(setf start (1+ i))
(when (>= start end) (return (nreverse path)))))))
(defun expand-search-path (path)
(mapcar #'pathname (expand-search-path-string path)))
;; from cl-fad:fad.lisp
(defun component-present-p (value)
"Helper function for DIRECTORY-PATHNAME-P which checks whether VALUE
is neither NIL nor the keyword :UNSPECIFIC."
(and value (not (eql value :unspecific))))
(defun directory-pathname-p (pathspec)
"Returns NIL if PATHSPEC \(a pathname designator) does not designate
a directory, PATHSPEC otherwise. It is irrelevant whether file or
directory designated by PATHSPEC does actually exist."
(not (component-present-p (pathname-name pathspec)))
(not (component-present-p (pathname-type pathspec)))
(defun pathname-as-directory (pathspec)
"Converts the non-wild pathname designator PATHSPEC to directory
(let ((pathname (pathname pathspec)))
(when (wild-pathname-p pathname)
(error "Can't reliably convert wild pathnames."))
(cond ((not (directory-pathname-p pathspec))
(make-pathname :directory (append (or (pathname-directory pathname)
(list :relative))
(list (file-namestring pathname)))
:name nil
:type nil
:defaults pathname))
(t pathname))))
(defun directory-exists-p (pathspec)
"Checks whether the file named by the pathname designator PATHSPEC
exists and if it is a directory. Returns its truename if this is the
case, NIL otherwise. The truename is returned in directory form as if
(and (excl:probe-directory pathspec)
(pathname-as-directory (truename pathspec)))
(and (lw:file-directory-p pathspec)
(pathname-as-directory (truename pathspec)))
#-(or :allegro :lispworks)
(let ((result (file-exists-p pathspec)))
(and result
(directory-pathname-p result)
(defun file-exists-p (pathname)
#+(or sbcl lispworks openmcl)
(probe-file pathname)
#+(or allegro cmu)
(or (probe-file (pathname-as-directory pathname))
(probe-file pathname))
(or (ignore-errors
(probe-file (pathname-as-file pathname)))
(let ((directory-form (pathname-as-directory pathname)))
(when (ext:probe-directory directory-form)
#-(or sbcl cmu lispworks openmcl allegro clisp)
(error "list-directory not implemented"))
(defun every-string-p (x)
(every #'stringp x))
(defgeneric extract-registry-paths (type) (:documentation ""))
(defmethod extract-registry-paths ((type (eql 'files)))
(let ((base "source-registry.conf")
(dirs (list (pathname "/etc/common-lisp/")
(merge-pathnames ".config/common-lisp/" (user-homedir-pathname)))))
(loop :for dir :in dirs :collect
(merge-pathnames base dir))))
(defmethod extract-registry-paths ((type (eql 'environment)))
(let ((source-path (get-env-var "CL_SOURCE_REGISTRY")))
(when source-path
(expand-search-path source-path))))
(defmethod extract-registry-paths ((type (eql 'command-line)))
(defun directive-validator (directive)
(ecase (first directive)
((:include) #'file-exists-p)
((:directory :tree) #'directory-exists-p)
((:exclude) #'every-string-p)
:ignore-inherited-configuration) nil)))
(defun ensure-directory-trailing-slash (directory)
(let ((dir (if (stringp directory) directory (namestring directory))))
(if (char= #\/ (aref dir (- (length dir) 1)))
(concatenate 'string dir "/"))))
(defun recurse-directory (directory &optional (exclusions *default-exclusions*) undetect)
(declare (ignorable exclusions))
(let* ((f (directory (merge-pathnames
(if undetect
#+(or asdf sbcl) #P"**/*.asd"
#+xcvb #P"**/*.xcvb"))
(dirs (remove-duplicates (mapcar #'pathname-directory f) :test #'equal)))
:for dir :in dirs
:for d = (namestring (make-pathname :directory dir))
:unless (loop :for exclusion :in exclusions :when (search exclusion d) :return t)
:collect d)))
(defun read-file (file)
(with-open-file (in file)
(loop :with eof = (list nil)
:for form = (read in nil eof)
:and form-count :from 0
:until (eq form eof)
:collect form :into forms
:finally (return (values forms form-count)))))
;; (define-condition malformed-init-file-error (error))
(defun validate-directive (directive)
(let ((fn (directive-validator directive)))
(destructuring-bind (type &rest rest)
(if (and (keywordp type)
(not (null rest)))
(loop :for dir :in rest
:when (null (funcall fn dir))
:do (error "~A: Invalid value for directive ~S~%" dir (first directive)))))))
(defun validate-file (file)
(multiple-value-bind (registry count)
(read-file file)
(cond ((> count 1)
(error "~A:~%Exceeds maximum allowable expression: 1" file))
((< (length (first registry)) 2)
(error "Error: Invalid top-level registry~%"))
((= count 1)
(destructuring-bind (((top &rest rest)) c)
(list registry count)
(declare (ignore c))
(when (not (eql top :source-registry))
(error "~A: ~A:~%Invalid top-level directive~%" file top))
(let ((accept-present (find :accept-inherited-configuration
rest :key #'first))
(ignore-present (find :ignore-inherited-configuration
rest :key #'first)))
(when (and accept-present ignore-present)
(error "~A:~%Both ~S and ~S~%cannot exist in the same file.~%"
(unless (or accept-present ignore-present)
(error "~A:~%One of ~S or ~S~%directives not found.~%"
(loop :for dir :in rest
:do (validate-directive dir))))
(t (error "Error: Unhandled condition")))))
(defun acquire-paths (path &optional recurse)
(when (directory-exists-p path)
(let ((p (ensure-directory-trailing-slash path)))
(if recurse
(recurse-directory p)
(list p)))))
;; checks an initial variable to see whether the state is initialized
;; or cleared. In the former case, return current configuration; in
;; the latter, initialize. ASDF will call this function at the start
;; of (asdf:find-system).
(defun ensure-source-registry ()
(if (source-registry-initialized-p)
;; TODO: remove duplicates, but won't it be expensive to have duplicates
;; removed everytime a new item is to be added?
(defun add-path-to-source-registry (path &optional recurse)
(let* ((dirs (acquire-paths path recurse))
;; (file (when (file-exists-p path) path))
;; (paths (or dirs file))
(paths dirs))
(when paths
(setf (source-registry)
(append (source-registry) paths))
(defun add-paths-to-source-registry (paths &optional recurse)
:for path :in paths
:collect (add-path-to-source-registry path recurse)))
(defun collect-path (path &optional recurse)
(let* ((dirs (acquire-paths path recurse))
;; (file (when (file-exists-p path) path))
;; (p (or dir file)
(paths dirs))
(when paths
(defun collect-paths (paths &optional recurse)
:for path :in paths
:nconc (collect-path path recurse)))
(defun read-directive (directive)
(cond ((stringp directive)
(read-from-string directive))
((consp directive)
(t (error "Error: Unhandled condition."))))
(defun process-source-registry-path (path)
(validate-file path)
(multiple-value-bind (registry count)
(read-file path)
(destructuring-bind (((top &rest rest)) c)
(list registry count)
(declare (ignore c)
(ignorable top))
:for reg :in rest
:nconc (process-source-registry reg)))))
(defun process-source-registry-paths (paths)
(loop :for path :in paths
:nconc (process-source-registry-path path)))
;; If X is a CONS, parse it as a SEXP in the configuration DSL, and
;; extend or override inheritted configuration. If X is a STRING,
;; first parse it into a SEXP with READ (Alternate proposal: parse
;; some shell-friendly text representation). The inheritted
;; configuration is provided in optional argument inherit, itself a
;; function that returns the previous configuration, with NIL
;; designating the default of #'ensure-source-registry. Internally,
;; initialize-source-registry-configuration can use this with a series
;; of functions for inheritted configuration.
(defun process-source-registry (directive &optional (inherit #'source-registry))
(declare (ignorable inherit))
(let ((reg (funcall inherit))
(dir (read-directive directive)))
(declare (ignorable reg))
(when dir
(destructuring-bind (type &rest rest)
(ecase type
(process-source-registry-paths rest))
(collect-paths rest))
(collect-paths rest t))
(when reg
(collect-paths reg)))
;; Will read the configuration and initialize all internal variables,
;; and return the new configuration.
(defun initialize-source-registry ()
(let* ((sources (or (extract-registry-paths 'command-line)
(extract-registry-paths 'environment)
(extract-registry-paths 'files)))
(registry (process-source-registry-paths sources)))
(when registry
(setf (source-registry) (remove-duplicates registry :test #'equal)))
;; Undoes any initialization. You might want to call that before you
;; dump an image that would be resumed with a different configuration,
;; and return an empty configuration. Also will have a hook that
;; allows clients will use to clear any cache that depends on this
;; configuration.
(defun clear-source-registry ()
(setf (source-registry) '())
;; Should this module care about these variables?
;; (setf asdf::*central-registry* nil)
;; (setf xcvb::*search-path* nil)
(values (source-registry)))
;;;; -------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;;; Cleanups after hot-upgrade.
;;;; Things to do in case we're upgrading from a previous version of ASDF.
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