Commit 1ae2c79d authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman

Remove unnecessary test.

Fare points out that checking the input-files against the
component-done-time is not necessary: it's done elsewhere.
parent 18b8cfe3
......@@ -305,8 +305,7 @@ initialized with SEED."
;; Has any input changed since we last generated the files?
;; Note that we use stamp<= instead of stamp< to play nice with generated files.
;; Any race condition is intrinsic to the limited timestamp resolution.
(up-to-date-p (and (stamp<= latest-in earliest-out)
(stamp<= latest-in (component-operation-time o c))))
(up-to-date-p (stamp<= latest-in earliest-out))
;; If everything is up to date, the latest of inputs and outputs is our stamp
(done-stamp (stamps-latest (cons latest-in out-stamps))))
;; Warn if some files are missing:
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