Commit 1e37b73b authored by Elias Pipping's avatar Elias Pipping
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Detect Unicode support on Clozure CL

parent 703b142b
......@@ -29,10 +29,11 @@
;;;; Early meta-level tweaks
#+(or allegro clasp clisp cmucl ecl mkcl mkcl sbcl)
#+(or allegro clasp clisp clozure cmucl ecl mkcl sbcl)
(eval-when (:load-toplevel :compile-toplevel :execute)
(when (and #+allegro (member :ics *features*)
#+(or clasp clisp cmucl ecl mkcl) (member :unicode *features*)
#+clozure (member :openmcl-unicode-strings *features*)
#+sbcl (member :sb-unicode *features*))
;; Check for unicode at runtime, so that a hypothetical FASL compiled with unicode
;; but loaded in a non-unicode setting (e.g. on Allegro) won't tell a lie.
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