Commit 1f85cb0d authored by Robert P. Goldman's avatar Robert P. Goldman

Add test for new builtin component class.

parent 1e283c54
(defsystem test-builtin-source-file-type-1
:serial t
:components ((:cl-source-file "file1") ; for the package
(:file "test-tmp")))
(defsystem test-builtin-source-file-type-2
:serial t
:components ((:file "file1" :type "lisp") ; for package
(:file "test-tmp")))
;;; -*- Lisp -*-
(load "script-support.lisp")
(setf asdf:*central-registry* '(*default-pathname-defaults*))
(asdf:load-system 'test-builtin-source-file-type-1 :verbose t)
(assert (symbol-value (read-from-string "test-package::*test-tmp-cl*")))
(equal (mapcar #'pathname-type
(mapcar #'asdf:component-pathname (asdf:module-components (asdf:find-system :test-source-file-type-1))))
'("lisp" "cl")))
(delete-package :test-package)
(asdf:load-system 'test-builtin-source-file-type-2 :verbose t)
(assert (symbol-value (read-from-string "test-package::*test-tmp-cl*"))))
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