Commit 20beba34 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Fix test-encodings.script.

Add its forgotten source file test/lambda.lisp. Oops.
Skip one of its tests that mysteriously breaks on ECL_bytecodes.
parent 132a32f5
;; -*- coding: latin-2 -*-
(in-package :asdf-test)
(setf *lambda-string* "λ")
......@@ -16,7 +16,8 @@
(declaim (optimize (speed 2) (safety 3) #-(or allegro gcl) (debug 3)))
(proclaim '(optimize (speed 2) (safety 3) #-(or allegro gcl) (debug 3)))
;;(format t "Evaluating asdf/test/script-support~%")
;; NB: can't print anything because of forward-ref test.
;; (DBG "Evaluating asdf/test/script-support")
;; We can't use asdf::merge-pathnames* because ASDF isn't loaded yet.
;; We still want to work despite and host/device funkiness.
......@@ -21,20 +21,21 @@
#+sbcl sb-impl::*default-external-format*
#-(or clozure sbcl) (error "can't determine default external-format")))))
(defun reset-lambda ()
(setf *lambda-string* nil)
(asdf::delete-file-if-exists (asdf::compile-file-pathname* "lambda.lisp")))
(defmacro with-test ((encoding &key (op 'asdf:load-source-op) (path "lambda")) defsystem &body body)
(let ((sys (second defsystem)))
(format t "~&Test ~A: should be ~A~%" ',sys ',encoding)
(setf *lambda-string* nil)
(assert-equal (asdf:component-encoding (asdf:find-component ',sys ',path)) ',encoding)
,@(when op `((asdf:operate ',op ',(second defsystem))))
(let ((c (asdf:find-component ',sys ',path)))
(assert-equal (asdf:component-encoding c) ',encoding)
(loop :for o :in (asdf:output-files (asdf::make-operation 'asdf:compile-op) c)
:do (asdf::delete-file-if-exists o)))
,@(when op
`((asdf:operate ',op ',(second defsystem))))
(eval `(assert-equal (string-char-codes ,*lambda-string*) (expected-char-codes ',',encoding))))))
(eval `(assert-equal (string-char-codes ,*lambda-string*)
(expected-char-codes ',',encoding))))))
......@@ -87,6 +88,7 @@
(defsystem :test-system-encoding-l1
:encoding :latin-1
:components ((:file "lambda"))))
(with-test (:latin-1 :op asdf:load-op)
(defsystem :test-system-encoding-l1-load-op
:encoding :latin-1
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