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initarg handling in oos

+** proclamations probably aren't
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asdf: another system definition facility -*- Text -*-
$Id: README,v 1.15 2002/02/20 14:15:27 dan_b Exp $
$Id: README,v 1.16 2002/02/28 03:51:26 dan_b Exp $
This system definition utility talks in terms of 'components' and
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ list was very useful.
** defsystem-4 proposal
Marco and Peter's proposal for defsystem 4 served as the driver for
many of the features in here, Notable differences are
many of the features in here. Notable differences are
- we don't specify output files or output file extensions as part of
the system
......@@ -249,7 +249,9 @@ operations, except that the user is respectfully requested to keep his
keyword-args are passed to the make-instance call when creating the
operation: valid keywords depend on the initargs that the operation is
defined to accept.
defined to accept. Note that dependencies may cause the operation to
invoke other operations on the system or its components: the new
operation will be created with the same initargs as the original one
** standard operations
......@@ -504,18 +506,5 @@ the existing syntax. Reinstate parse-option or something akin
** all of the above
** reuse the same scratch package whenever a system is reloaded from disk
** "and" and "or" dependencies are broken
** compiler/loader options, other stuff needing specials
** rules for pathname defaulting are not yet implemented properly
new operations created during a traversal should get a link back to
their parent, and accessors for component properties should
automatically check the parent operation if it's not set on the
current op. Then we don't need specials for compiler options or "what
have we visited so far" stuff
* layered standard for lisp code packages a la clc
** rules for system pathname defaulting are not yet implemented properly
** proclamations probably aren't
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