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Corrected information about the ASDF mailing lists.

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allowed you to create a single-file bundle out of a system,
for easier delivery.
It is now a builtin part of <tt>asdf/defsystem</tt>,
and allows to deliver a single FASL for a system,
or (on supported implementations), a standalone executable program,
or an image containing part of your software precompiled.
and allows users to deliver a single FASL for a system,
a standalone executable program (on supported implementations),
or an image containing your system precompiled.
<li><tt>asdf-utils</tt> was a collection of utilities that originated with ASDF.
It is now superseded by <tt>uiop</tt>, aka <tt>asdf/driver</tt>,
......@@ -396,20 +396,17 @@ XCL (Peter Graves) <>
<a id="mailing-lists"></a>
<h3>Mailing Lists</h3>
<li><b>asdf-devel</b><!-- <a href="">asdf-devel</a> -->:
<li><b>asdf-devel</b><!-- <a href="">asdf-devel</a> -->:
A list for questions, suggestions, bug reports, patches, and so on.
It's for everyone and everything. Please join the conversation!
<li><b>asdf-announce</b><!-- <a href="">asdf-announce</a> -->:
<li><b>asdf-announce</b><!-- <a href="">asdf-announce</a> -->:
A low-volume mailing-list for announcements only, mostly regarding new releases.
Posting is restricted to project administrators and to important notices.
Please subscribe to it if you're a Lisp implementation or distribution vendor,
who needs to know when to upgrade the ASDF you distribute,
but are otherwise not interested in day to day design and development.
<p>To subscribe to these mailing lists, send an email to, e.g.,
asdf-devel+subscribe at For more information about
mailing lists at, see <a href="">here</a>.</p>
<p>Join our mailing list, check the code out from git,
......@@ -419,6 +416,10 @@ XCL (Peter Graves) <>
<a id="news"></a>
<h3>What is happening</h3>
<dt>August 2014</dt>
<dd>The ASDF mailing lists have been reestablished, in particular
asdf-announce, which should allow CL implementers better access to only
the information they want about ASDF development.</dd>
<dt>May 2014 to July 2014</dt>
<dd>ASDF bug fixing from 3.1.2 leads to release of 3.1.3, a major bug
fix release. We strongly urge implementors that have shipped with 3.1.2
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