Commit 26239652 authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman


Remove hand-written boilerplate in favor of existing macro.
parent 11f8e39d
......@@ -83,27 +83,36 @@ and a class-name or class designates the canonical instance of the designated cl
(component 'component)
(opix (position operation formals))
(coix (position component formals))
(prefix (subseq formals 0 opix))
(suffix (subseq formals (1+ coix) len))
(first-arg (if (< opix coix) operation component))
(prefix (subseq formals 0 (min opix coix)))
(suffix (subseq formals (1+ (max opix coix)) len))
(more-args (when keyp `(&rest ,rest &key &allow-other-keys))))
(assert (and (integerp opix) (integerp coix) (= coix (1+ opix))))
(assert (and (integerp opix) (integerp coix)
(or (= coix (1+ opix)) (= opix (1+ coix)))))
(flet ((next-method (o c)
(if keyp
`(apply ',function ,@prefix ,o ,c ,@suffix ,rest)
`(,function ,@prefix ,o ,c ,@suffix))))
`(apply ',function ,@prefix ,(if (eq first-arg operation) o c)
,(if (eq first-arg operation) c o)
,@suffix ,rest)
`(,function ,@prefix
,(if (eq first-arg operation) o c)
,(if (eq first-arg operation) c o) ,@suffix))))
(defmethod ,function (,@prefix (,operation string) ,component ,@suffix ,@more-args)
(defmethod ,function (,@prefix ,(if (eq first-arg operation) `(,operation string) component)
,(if (eq first-arg operation) component `(,operation string)) ,@suffix ,@more-args)
(declare (notinline ,function))
(let ((,component (find-component () ,component))) ;; do it first, for defsystem-depends-on
,(next-method `(safe-read-from-string ,operation :package :asdf/interface) component)))
(defmethod ,function (,@prefix (,operation symbol) ,component ,@suffix ,@more-args)
(defmethod ,function (,@prefix ,(if (eq first-arg operation) `(,operation symbol) component)
,(if (eq first-arg operation) component `(,operation symbol)) ,@suffix ,@more-args)
(declare (notinline ,function))
(if ,operation
`(make-operation ,operation)
`(or (find-component () ,component) ,if-no-component))
(defmethod ,function (,@prefix (,operation operation) ,component ,@suffix ,@more-args)
(defmethod ,function (,@prefix ,(if (eq first-arg operation) `(,operation operation) component)
,(if (eq first-arg operation) component `(,operation operation)) ,@suffix ,@more-args)
(declare (notinline ,function))
(if (typep ,component 'component)
(error "No defined method for ~S on ~/asdf-action:format-action/"
......@@ -381,14 +390,13 @@ They may rely on the order of the files to discriminate between inputs.
(assert (length=n-p files 1))
(first files)))
(defgeneric additional-input-files (component op)
(defgeneric additional-input-files (operation component)
(:documentation "Additional input files for the operation on this
component. These are files that are inferred, rather than
explicitly specified.")
(:method (comp (op symbol))
(additional-input-files comp (make-operation op)))
(:method ((comp component) (op operation))
(cdr (assoc op (%additional-input-files comp)))))
explicitly specified."))
(define-convenience-action-methods additional-input-files (operation component))
(defmethod additional-input-files ((op operation) (comp component))
(cdr (assoc op (%additional-input-files comp))))
;; Memoize input files.
(defmethod input-files :around (operation component)
......@@ -397,7 +405,7 @@ They may rely on the order of the files to discriminate between inputs.
(append (call-next-method)
;; must come after the first, for other code that
;; assumes the first will be the "key" file
(additional-input-files component operation))))
(additional-input-files operation component))))
;; By default an action has no input-files.
(defmethod input-files ((o operation) (c component))
......@@ -296,10 +296,6 @@ PREVIOUS-TIME when not null is the time at which the PREVIOUS system was loaded.
;;; additional methods for additional-input-files that are responsible for looking up systems.
(with-upgradability ()
(defmethod additional-input-files ((comp symbol) op)
(additional-input-files (find-system comp) op))
(defmethod additional-input-files ((comp string) op)
(additional-input-files (find-system comp) op))
(defmethod %additional-input-files ((comp symbol))
(%additional-input-files (find-system comp)))
(defmethod %additional-input-files ((comp string))
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