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Add some docstrings.

parent aab8ba72
......@@ -36,10 +36,14 @@
:return form))
(defun file-defpackage-form (file)
"Return the first DEFPACKAGE form in FILE."
(with-input-file (f file)
(stream-defpackage-form f)))
(defun package-dependencies (defpackage-form)
"Return a list of packages depended on by the package
defined in DEFPACKAGE-FORM. A package is depended upon if
the DEFPACKAGE-FORM imports a symbol from it."
(assert (defpackage-form-p defpackage-form))
(while-collecting (dep)
......@@ -59,11 +63,14 @@
(symbol (string package))))
(defun register-system-packages (system packages)
"Register SYSTEM as providing PACKAGES."
(let ((name (or (eq system t) (coerce-name system))))
(dolist (p (ensure-list packages))
(setf (gethash (package-designator-name p) *package-systems*) name))))
(defun package-name-system (package-name)
"Return the name of the SYSTEM providing PACKAGE-NAME, if such exists,
otherwise return a default system name computed from PACKAGE-NAME."
(check-type package-name string)
(if-let ((system-name (gethash package-name *package-systems*)))
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