Commit 2e282d16 authored by Gary King's avatar Gary King
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improve `directory-pathname-p`

* After much discussion, here's another attempt
at `directory-pathname-p`.

* make sure we push when we `make archive`
parent 0591d702
......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@ archive-copy: archive
bin/ tmp/asdf*.tar.gz $(webhome_private)/archives
bin/ $(clnet_home) $(user)
bin/ tmp/asdf.lisp $(webhome_private)
git push
website-copy: FORCE
bin/ website/output/ $(webhome_private)
......@@ -440,14 +440,35 @@ which evaluates to a pathname. For example:
(defun directory-pathname-p (pathname)
(and (member (pathname-name pathname) (list nil :unspecific))
(member (pathname-type pathname) (list nil :unspecific))))
(defun pathname-name+type (pathname)
"Returns a new pathname consisting of only the name and type from
a non-wild pathname."
(make-pathname :name (pathname-name pathname)
:type (pathname-type pathname)))
"Does `pathname` represent a directory?
A directory-pathname is a pathname _without_ a filename. The three
ways that the filename components can be missing are for it to be `nil`,
`:unspecific` or the empty string.
Note that this does _not_ check to see that `pathname` points to an
actually-existing directory."
(let ((null-components (list nil :unspecific "")))
(flet ((check-one (x)
(not (null (member (pathname-name pathname) null-components
:test 'equal)))))
(and (check-one (pathname-name pathname))
(check-one (pathname-type pathname))))))
;;?? move into testsuite sometime soon
(every (lambda (p)
(directory-pathname-p p))
(make-pathname :name "." :type nil :directory '(:absolute "tmp"))
(make-pathname :name "." :type "" :directory '(:absolute "tmp"))
(make-pathname :name nil :type "" :directory '(:absolute "tmp"))
(make-pathname :name "" :directory '(:absolute "tmp"))
(make-pathname :type :unspecific :directory '(:absolute "tmp"))
(make-pathname :name :unspecific :directory '(:absolute "tmp"))
(make-pathname :name :unspecific :directory '(:absolute "tmp"))
(defun ensure-directory-pathname (pathname)
(if (directory-pathname-p pathname)
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