Commit 3248396a authored by Robert P. Goldman's avatar Robert P. Goldman
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Check for use of obsolete "FEATURE" syntax in dependencies.

The dependency parser (used to put dependencies in canonical form), now
raises an error if obsolete FEATURE syntax is used. This should direct
programmers to an easy fix.

A test is also added.
parent b27acc22
......@@ -141,6 +141,8 @@
(sysdef-error "Ill-formed feature dependency: ~s" dd))
(let ((embedded (parse-dependency-def (third dd))))
`(:feature ,(second dd) ,embedded)))
(sysdef-error "`feature' has been removed from the dependency spec language of ASDF. Use :feature instead in ~s." dd))
(unless (= (length dd) 2)
(sysdef-error "Ill-formed require dependency: ~s" dd))
......@@ -38,6 +38,9 @@
(:file "file4" :if-feature (:not :common-lisp))))))
(DBG "The weakly-depends-on information is properly cached")
(assert (equal '("file3-only") (system-weakly-depends-on (find-system "test-weakly-depends-on"))))
(assert (null (system-weakly-depends-on (find-system "test-no-weakly-depends-on"))))
......@@ -55,3 +58,18 @@
(assert (equalp
'((:version "test-asdf/2" "2.1") "file3-only" (:feature :foo (:require "blort")))
(system-depends-on (find-system :test-structured-depends))))
(DBG "Test removal of non-orthogonal feature syntax.")
(assert (typep
(catch 'error
(handler-bind ((system-definition-error
#'(lambda (e)
(throw 'error e))))
(def-test-system :test-structured-depends-with-obsolete-feature-syntax
:depends-on ((:version test-asdf/2 "2.1") :file3-only (feature :foo (:require "blort")))
((:file "file2" :depends-on ("foo"))
(:module "foo" :pathname ""
:components ((:file "file1")
(:file "file4" :if-feature (:not :common-lisp))))))))
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